Get 2.2 Cents Per MR Using Avios on AA

Now thru 17 September 2017 you will get a 40% bonus on Avios transfered from MR points. What this means is amazing returns of 2.2 cents (or more) per MR points, exceeding the already ailing and failing 50% Business AmEx Plat deal. The current “2 cents per MR” is a gimmick since it takes over 31 days to get your bonus back in the form of 50% of points spent being returned. Don’t let those jerks at the RAT get you down! If you fly a lot of Air Berlin international, or weirdo one way segments on American Airlines domestically you might as well transfer some points during bonus time to Avios to book flights in the future.

Right now you can transfer 250 points to get 350 Avios. A domestic segment on American Airlines cost you 7,500 Avios or 5,357 MR points (at a 1:1.4 MR:Avios ratio). I had a need for a single one way segment when I decided to front run the family on the St. Louis trip in order to attend some courses. If I would book on AA directly I am paying $126.20, but at 7,500 Avios and $5.60 I am actually spending 5,357 MR for a $120.60. This means 2.2 cents per MR point. Even after the reversion back to 1:1 after the promotion ends we get 1.6 cents per point which still exceeds the 1.5 cents per point from the 35% return on AmEx Biz Plat.

Now if we fell for the AmEx Biz Trap we would have to spend 12,620 MR to book the trip. If we charge it on the Personal Platinum linked to a Business Platinum, and if we had been grandfathered into the plan to get 50% back, AND if ye chose American Airlines for our Biz card in January. If and only if we had done all of these bullshit moves we would hopefully, after begging and pleading, and spending time on the phone for hours, we would get 6,310 back after 31 to 70 days from our 50% bonus. If we were super lucky we would of gotten 5x on the personal platnum (631 MR points) if they haven’t fixed the loophole. We would of overpaid with 5,679 MR for the same flight we could of had for 5,357 with Avios. This 322 point disparity isn’t much but a 6% loss combined with a month of inaccessibility to those MR points is significant.

DO NOT transfer all your MR points to Avios. There is always devaluation of these points. If you can believe, these short flights used to cost 4,500 Avios! I would not use these Avios for anything but Domestic OneWorld partners (AA, Alaska Air) or Air Berlin since other partners charge for fuel as a surcharge. Take advantage of the 40% bump while it’s here. Don’t forget the plan to hit every centurion lounge using Avios and United miles.


4 thoughts on “Get 2.2 Cents Per MR Using Avios on AA

  1. Joe says:

    I’m having trouble NOT transferring all my AMEX points to British Airways Avios. For me AMEX points are garabage. The best value I have gotten is 1-1 Ruth Chris gift cards. I do understand the devaluation of british airways though as I will soon have over 100,000 Avios. My thing with AMEX is that it is almost ALWAYS possible to get more AMEX points. I don’t see the opportunity cost of transferring them.

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