Impromptu Churner’s Conference in Las Vegas!

I am absolutely floored by the about of O-6 readers of the blog, and also of how many senior officer churners there are out there! Happy hour turned into an impromptu churner’s hangout right next to the AmEx booth. As promised to CAPT, here are the 5 platinum cards I have:

  1. Personal Platinum (use link to give points to a fellow O-4)
  2. Mercedes Benz Platinum
  3. Charles Schwab Platinum (open an account using code ‘refer’)
  4. Morgan Stanley Platinum (must have Morgan Stanley Relationship)
  5. Business Platinum (use link to give points to a fellow O-4)

Each comes each with $200 Uber, $200 Airlines, and 60,000 points with $5k spend. All the points will be pooled. The business is 75,000MR for $25,000 spend, but gives you 35% points back when booking with points. Each personal one comes in metal with a wood case for new accounts. The Benz one comes with a $100 for MB Schwag at the MB dealer on renewal. All will waive the $550 (personal) and $450 (biz) annual fee for Active Duty. Best part is there seems to be no limit on how many a person can have on AmEx Charge cards. There is a strict 5 card limit on their credit products.

Since each one is a separate product you will be eligible for the bonus for each brand if you did not have it before. Wait, there is more! Below are the two Platinum cards I want to get next:

  1. Ameriprise Platinum (Do not need an Ameriprise Account)
  2. Goldman Sachs Platinum (An O-5 opened a GS Saving in hopes of getting an invite)

I couldn’t believe that the AmEx employee at the booth didn’t know about the Uber eats use, and she had never seen the Morgan Stanley card before! Anyways I got some info that the Open Lounge will be open for the following events:

Chicago McCormick Place:

  • ASI! Show 7/12-7/13
  • Automechanika 7/26-7/28
  • Print/Graph Expo 9/10-9/14
  • American Academy of Pediatrics 9/16-9/18
  • NACS 10/18-10/20
  • National Association of Realtors 11/3-11/6
  • FABTECH 11/6-11/9
  • RSNA 11/26-11/30

NYC Jarvis Center

  • Market Vanguard 7/16-7/18
  • JA NY Summer 7/23-7/25
  • NY NOW Summer 8/19-8/23
  • Fashion Coterie 9/17-9/19
  • Audio Engineering/NAB NY 10/18-10/20
  • SMX East 10/24-10/26
  • PDN photo 10/26-10/28
  • Business Data Summit 10/29-11/1
  • JA Special Delivery 10/29-10/31
  • HX Hotel Experience 11/12-11/14
  • ISC East 11/15-11/16
  • Greater New York Dental 11/26-11/29

Las Vegas Convention Center

  • Wood Working 7/19-7/22
  • ASD 7/30-8/2
  • MAGIC 8/14-8/16
  • ISSA Interclean 9/12-9/14
  • Pack Expo 9/25-9/27
  • National Business Aviation 10/10-10/12
  • ABC Kids 10/17-10/19
  • SEMA  10/31-11/3
  • Groundwater 12/15

My own Datapoint shows you don’t have to attend the conference for access. Just stop in for coffee if you are in the area! Well hope more lively discussions to come in future nights.

Please always check my links and toss me some points.


2 thoughts on “Impromptu Churner’s Conference in Las Vegas!

  1. Joe says:

    O-3 Navy churner checking in sir. Need to up my AMEX platinum game. Now is a great time as offering 1-1 plus 40% for BA Avios. Great for US travel, Caribbean, and Hawaii/Asia. 84,000 avios for a 5k spend is tempting.

    Is UBER eats credits still a go? I thought I read some problems with that before.

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      I just used Uber eats 01 July 2017 without incident. Some times you just got to delete every card after adding them, the credits will stay, but it will force the credits to be used. Good call on the Avios! Been using them for all of my short haul AA domestic, and planning on dumping them for international on Air Berlin without surcharge. My friend Davey Nelson calls in to book Alaska Airline flights.

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