Centurion Lounge Gran Turismo with Points

Edit: First off Thanks to Garry Leff for reading and linking to my blog, truly honored! Looks like View From The Wing has intel about the PHL lounge opening in late fall, not 03 August 2017 as reported before by The Points Guy.

I’m enjoying a post flight drink at the LAS Centurion lounge right outside of gate D1 and thinking this is awesome!

I looked it up, it is entirely possible to hit every AmEx Centurion Lounge on a single journey just using Avios and United miles. Hell you could just use AmEx MR points to book as well, but between Avios on AA as well as Super Save United, this is the way to go. I am assuming the PHL lounge opens as scheduled at the end of 2017. Here are the Lounges and their locations:

Airport Open Close Terminal Gate Airline Showers?
DFW 530 2200 D D17 (American) Any Yes
IAH 530 2100 D D6 (United) Any Yes
LAS 500 2300 D D1 (United) Any Yes
LGA 530 2000/1830 Sa B 3rd floor Out Not Ideal for Delta Shuttle No
MIA 500 2300 D D12 American Only Yes
SEA 500 2200 B B3 Any No
SFO 500 2300 3 74 (Delta) Any Yes
PHL Aug (now fall) 2017 A British Airways Any ?
HKG Oct 2017 1 Any ?

You can see there are not too many over flyover country (yet). It would be awesome to hit the Hong Kong one (opens end of 2017 as well), but that makes for a hell of a detour:

Now if we focus on just hit all the CONUS ones, we got quite a trip!

Avios is wide open for the trip at 7,500 avios per leg!

Great use of Avios from MR if there is a bonus!

PHL to MIA seems to be pretty unpopular, Mr. Webmaster of DerpReport is the only person from PHL that has any relation to MIA.

Same as MIA to IAH, seems like a weird flight. Keep in mind the MIA AmEx lounge is only accessible when flying out of terminal D, where most of the gates are for AA. No access with any other terminal as confirmed by a LCDR reader who tried on a United flight.

A short hop from IAH to DFW is wide open as well.

SFW to LAS is also wide open, but thats when the AA adventure ends because there seems to be nothing for Avios from LAS to SFO, we got to go UA:

10k super saver with Chase Club card form LAS to SFO, then again from SFO to SEA:

Another 10k super saver! I don’t think my wife and two beautiful kids will allow me to run around centurion lounge to centurion lounge over the course of a week. For all you DINKS and HENRYS out there, something to think about! 37,500 Avios and 20k United is not a lot of points to go hit every lounge!



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