Forget OpenTable, Use AmEx Dining

News has spread at work about the easy shortcut to fine dining. No longer do we have to wait for an open table like a bitch. No longer do we have to call in at exactly 0600 to get a reservation for a table 3 months later. These are simply activities for the normies. Instead we have our $550 a year concierge do it. On top of that the experience appears to be elevated and extra generous.

I looked into all my previous hard to get dining reservations, such as Girl and the Goat (booked out for early dining till Aug 28, 2017), and thought there must be an easier way. Turns out all of Stephanie Izard’s places in Chicago are on the AmEx Global Platinum Express Baller Dining site. I will see if they have a standing reservation, or a table at a normal dining time in less than 3 months.

Also keep in mind there are some places that you must have an AmEx card to get in. One is Eleven Madison Park temporary location in the Hamptons. According to TPG looks like there is some pretty exclusive fried chicken there. Looks like its a bit more chill being in the Hamptons and all.

Anyone out there with a unique AmEx related dining exclusive?


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