Modified Wine Churn

I have become a big fan of Greg’s Frequent Miler Blog and his newsletter. He is very personable and promptly answers comments on his blog as well as direct emails. In his most recent post he mentioned the use of the $40 back on $50 on Martha Stewart’s Wine Club. This combined with the current Groupon means cheap wine. I decided to do my own modification using the Apple Pay via US Bank Altitude. Please use the links here to sign up for the Martha Stuart Wine Club, Ebates, and Groupon!

  1. I first added the $40 off $50 offer on my Morgan Stanley AmEx Platinum Card
  2. I used EBates to get 6% off ($3 in this case) on any Groupon (use my links if you don’t have an account yet)
  3. I bought the Martha Stewart’s Wine Voucher for $49.99 using Apple Pay on my Altitude card for 3x points ($2.25 in travel value)
  4. I then upgraded my offer to “Martha’s Favorites 12-Pack” which is 12 bottles for $49.99 plus $6.25 in tax (free shipping)
  5. This upgraded package comes with a 1 year subscription to Martha Stewart Living as well as a $75 off $100 voucher
  6. I could of used TopCashBack for 12% back, but am planning to use it in redemption of my $75 voucher next

With the $40 credit for the $56.24 AmEx charge we spent $16.24 on the upgrade. This added to the initial $49.99 Groupon means we spent $66.23 on 12 bottles of wine. We then got $3 in Ebates and $2.25 in travel credit on Altitude for a total spend of $60.98, that’s $5.08 a bottle! Now keep in mind we got the $75 voucher for $100. So in a way Good Old Martha is paying me $15 to take 12 bottles of her wine! Not too bad from America’s most beloved ex-con.

Next move is to find another AmEx card with another $40 off $50 spent and use TopCashBack to buy $125 in wine, subtract $75 in voucher, and charge $50 on the Amex for a total of $10 to buy $125 in wine. I could also use my link to open a new account to get another $25 off next order, thus making Martha pay me another $15 to take her wine.

Now if you do not want to go the Groupon route, there is also a $60 for 6 bottle pack with free shipping here. This is just enough to trigger the $40 back. You can then get 6 bottle of wine delivered for around $24. Combine this with the code “MARTHA25” to get $25 off $50, and maybe triple dip with the $75 voucher from the intro deal by adding other packs Haven’t tried but will attempt to next time the $40 AmEx offer appears!

Thanks to Danny The Deal Guru for the last idea!


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