Delta: Suites for 80k and Cheap Domestic First

Delta is looking good again. Greg from FM is reporting 80k one way flights on Delta One suites for 80K This is from Detroit to Tokyo. The current offer of 130,000 points is almost enough for two tickets in Delta One Suites.

I am coming up on the one year mark of my Delta Reserve, Platinum and Gold cards. One of the most overlooked perk for the Reserve card is the companion pass that can be used to fly with a guest for free in first class. Greg over at Frequent Miler has stumbled upon a nice situation where some companion first class pairs book cheaper than 2 economy tickets. More on that at the end, right now you got to jump on the Delta over promotion happening on two of their cards:

Please use the above links if you are ready to take advantage of Delta. Both offer expires 26 July 2017. For $7,000 spend you end up with 130,000 SkyMiles, 10,000 PQM and $150 in statement credit, and a regular companion pass for a coach ticket. Combine this with the Delta Reserve (non referral link here) then you get 10,000 Medallion® Qualification Miles (MQMs) and 10,000 bonus miles after your first purchase on the Card.

This grand total of 140,000 SkyMiles and 20k MQM as well as two companion passes and $150 statement credit, all with the annual fee waiver via SCRA is a no brainer. People have used this strategy combined with the massive spend bonus to get diamond status without ever flying their ass in a seat! The trick is to have a spouse get the same cards and then transfer MQM to a single spouse.

I don’t have the means to do the spend to achieve this, but the Delta Platinum has a 10,000 bonus MQMs after spending $25,000, further 10,000 bonus MQMs after spending $50,000. Then the Delta Reserve earns 15,000 bonus MQMs after spending $30,000, further 15,000 bonus MQMs after spending $60,000. To reach DIAMOND, you will need 125,000 MQMs or 140 MQSs and $15,000 MQDs. If you max out the spend and get all the cards (20k Bonus) you get 20K (Plat) + 30k (Reserve) and transfer t0 a spouse you can get Diamond status. Simply not worth it for $220,000 spend!

Back to Greg, he was able to score 2 first class tickets for DTW to FLL for $362.40 each while they wanted $800+ per coach seat. It may be a fluke, but his friend verified, and I want to be the next datapoint on my booking. If only I had a place to go…


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