Booking The Ritz Carlton Central Park With Scraps

Normally I can only get a half cent per point on most Marriott bookings, but since my trip to the Tokyo and Kyoto Ritz, I have found the best redemption is at crazy baller hotels that are priced for third party reimbursement. The 70k points per night for Tier 5 hotel is just some big number to keep basic bitches from booking. They would rather have you spend 140,000 Marriott points for 23 nights (and 5 free nights for every 4 redeemed) at the  TownePlace Suites Bentonville Rogers in Arkansas.


I rather spend the points on two nights in NYC, and hope to get the $1,245 a night deluxe king, high floor, park view at the Central Park Ritz using my gold status. I plan to get two nights valued at $2,806.90 with tax for for 140,000 Marriott points at a solid 2 cents per points.

Easy way to get 140k is 80,000 with the Chase Marriott Card, and 75,000 (as 25,000 SPG) with the AmEx SPG card. If you get both you will have 155,000 Marriott points for $8,000 spend! From a cash back prospective at 2 cents a point we are looking at $3,100 of value at 38.75% return. For those who are well above 5/24 you can get both the personal and business SPG cards for $3k and $5k spend respectively. The SPG cards are AmEx so they get the military annual fee waiver.

Of course I have a better way to get these points, which is by pooling everything together. From my mom’s account I converted her 5,000 left over SPG to 15,000 Marriott, this combined with her 10,000 existing Marriott made it 25,000 points. My wife had 10,000 SPG converted over to 30,000 Marriott. She had 20,000 Marriott left for a sweet 50,000. I had each of them call in and transfer these points to my account (up to 50,000 a year) for free since we are all Marriott gold from the SPG gold match. We had gotten the SPG gold from AmEx Platinum, so milk that for all its worth.

I have 20,000 Marriott points in my account, and converted 10,000 from my linked SPG for a grand total of 25,000+50,000+50,000= 125,000. I am short 15,000 points, but the beauty is I still need to do my $5,00o spend for 5,000 SPG points to convert to the remaining 15,000 Marriott. They let me book the room now and pay for it once all the points settle! Like hotel room points layaway.

Don’t let your scrap points go to waste! I say hit up all you slacker friends that probably have a few points here and there and pool them while you can to get a nice room somewhere. Who knows what the merger will bring, but you might as well spend the points rater to have them devaluate further.


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