Modified Wine Churn

I have become a big fan of Greg’s Frequent Miler Blog and his newsletter. He is very personable and promptly answers comments on his blog as well as direct emails. In his most recent post he mentioned the use of the $40 back on $50 on Martha Stewart’s Wine Club. This combined with the current Groupon means cheap wine. I decided to do my own modification using the Apple Pay via US Bank Altitude. Please use the links here to sign up for the Martha Stuart Wine Club, Ebates, and Groupon!

  1. I first added the $40 off $50 offer on my Morgan Stanley AmEx Platinum Card
  2. I used EBates to get 6% off ($3 in this case) on any Groupon (use my links if you don’t have an account yet)
  3. I bought the Martha Stewart’s Wine Voucher for $49.99 using Apple Pay on my Altitude card for 3x points ($2.25 in travel value)
  4. I then upgraded my offer to “Martha’s Favorites 12-Pack” which is 12 bottles for $49.99 plus $6.25 in tax (free shipping)
  5. This upgraded package comes with a 1 year subscription to Martha Stewart Living as well as a $75 off $100 voucher
  6. I could of used TopCashBack for 12% back, but am planning to use it in redemption of my $75 voucher next

With the $40 credit for the $56.24 AmEx charge we spent $16.24 on the upgrade. This added to the initial $49.99 Groupon means we spent $66.23 on 12 bottles of wine. We then got $3 in Ebates and $2.25 in travel credit on Altitude for a total spend of $60.98, that’s $5.08 a bottle! Now keep in mind we got the $75 voucher for $100. So in a way Good Old Martha is paying me $15 to take 12 bottles of her wine! Not too bad from America’s most beloved ex-con.

Next move is to find another AmEx card with another $40 off $50 spent and use TopCashBack to buy $125 in wine, subtract $75 in voucher, and charge $50 on the Amex for a total of $10 to buy $125 in wine. I could also use my link to open a new account to get another $25 off next order, thus making Martha pay me another $15 to take her wine.

Now if you do not want to go the Groupon route, there is also a $60 for 6 bottle pack with free shipping here. This is just enough to trigger the $40 back. You can then get 6 bottle of wine delivered for around $24. Combine this with the code “MARTHA25” to get $25 off $50, and maybe triple dip with the $75 voucher from the intro deal by adding other packs Haven’t tried but will attempt to next time the $40 AmEx offer appears!

Thanks to Danny The Deal Guru for the last idea!


The French Laundry by AmEx Platinum

In April I tried my best to reserve The French Laundry in Yountville, CA using the basic bitch method but no luck in getting a reservation. In a world of Open Table and SELECT Card, I never had the need to use the AmEx concierge. With the success in getting Hamilton tickets. I thought this could be another miracle that can be done. Sure enough, I called 1-800-525-3355, gave my travel dates, and they got back to me in 2 days with a reservation and two tickets to The French Laundry (all $620 charged to the AmEx Platinum of course). Now this would of been more than adequate, but the best part came when we got there.

Strolling the grounds was nice, got to meet our dinner for the night both in two leg form and plant form. We checked in brought right to our seats. The two 9 course Chef Tasting menus were prepaid, but we had to decide on what supplements to add for the night. I added the Royal Kaluga caviar at $60 x 2 and the Foie Gras at $30 x 2 as well as a bottle of Gewürztraminer at $75. What seemed awesome was the Truffle Macaroni and Cheese with Australian Black Winter truffles at an astounding $125 supplement, but for that price I passed.

We enjoyed the 3 hour show of dinner when suddenly they brought out the truffles and the truffle plane. I had thought they messed up our order when the waitress came out and declared: “The chef  felt that it it would be a shame of we didn’t have a tasting of the truffles”. Before I could even speak, they brought out the Mac’n Cheese, and shaved about 2 ounces of black imported truffles on top. It was like Disneyland for adults, the dish that I had so diligently denied myself of came out in front of us. The host came by and assured me it was compliments of the chef along with two glasses of paired Italian wine!

The complementary stuff didn’t stop there, 3 dishes later we got to dessert, we ordered coffee and it was all inclusive in the price. When the bill came the waitress informed us our bottle of wine had been comped as well! I ended up with a tab of $200 to cover the foie gras supplement as well as the caviar only. We had the $250 truffles, $75 wine and two glasses $40 of paired wine comped for our meal ($365 waived)! Also I paid the $620 months ago for the meal so it kind of disconnected the total cost which is what Dr. Elizabeth Dunn suggest to maximize happiness.

But wait… there’s more! Most people who sat at the same time as us retried into the courtyard, but the host insisted that we both come meet the chef. He brought us back to meet the kitchen staff as well as the chef (not Chef Keller)! I thought it was part of the normal experience, but I noticed that no one else had gotten the invitation. Conversations with the chef was nice, mostly about the Pebble Beach event coming up, as well as the use of sous vide in the dishes. They showed the live uplink to Per Se that synchronizes the two restaurants as well as the various stations. Overall pretty neat, like a flag officer strolling though spaces, just to see an impressive operation back there.

On our way out we were given shortbread tins as well as the menu and were sent on our way to hang out in the grounds. Now this is when things get weird, I was approached by the other diners that were asking how we got to go back to the kitchen like it was some big deal. They must of seen us go back there through the observation windows, and they were asking about what we talked about. I thought about trying to pass as a thin David Chang , but passed it off as no big deal.

People were genuinely thinking I had anything to do with the invite to the back, I’m sure if you asked politely anyone could go back there. However the host insisted and asked us to tour the back. Also it turned out the free wine and truffles seem to not be the universal experience with the other diners. I can only conclude that somehow making the reservation thought the AmEx concierge got us some sort of VIP experience, or it’s because I’m just a super nice guy.

I am glad to be the datapoint here, I am willing to do an experiment where I book on the website and the concierge for the same time and menu. I need to see if the experience is any different depending on booking source. Any of you readers out there willing to be the control?


Delta: Suites for 80k and Cheap Domestic First

Delta is looking good again. Greg from FM is reporting 80k one way flights on Delta One suites for 80K This is from Detroit to Tokyo. The current offer of 130,000 points is almost enough for two tickets in Delta One Suites.

I am coming up on the one year mark of my Delta Reserve, Platinum and Gold cards. One of the most overlooked perk for the Reserve card is the companion pass that can be used to fly with a guest for free in first class. Greg over at Frequent Miler has stumbled upon a nice situation where some companion first class pairs book cheaper than 2 economy tickets. More on that at the end, right now you got to jump on the Delta over promotion happening on two of their cards:

Please use the above links if you are ready to take advantage of Delta. Both offer expires 26 July 2017. For $7,000 spend you end up with 130,000 SkyMiles, 10,000 PQM and $150 in statement credit, and a regular companion pass for a coach ticket. Combine this with the Delta Reserve (non referral link here) then you get 10,000 Medallion® Qualification Miles (MQMs) and 10,000 bonus miles after your first purchase on the Card.

This grand total of 140,000 SkyMiles and 20k MQM as well as two companion passes and $150 statement credit, all with the annual fee waiver via SCRA is a no brainer. People have used this strategy combined with the massive spend bonus to get diamond status without ever flying their ass in a seat! The trick is to have a spouse get the same cards and then transfer MQM to a single spouse.

I don’t have the means to do the spend to achieve this, but the Delta Platinum has a 10,000 bonus MQMs after spending $25,000, further 10,000 bonus MQMs after spending $50,000. Then the Delta Reserve earns 15,000 bonus MQMs after spending $30,000, further 15,000 bonus MQMs after spending $60,000. To reach DIAMOND, you will need 125,000 MQMs or 140 MQSs and $15,000 MQDs. If you max out the spend and get all the cards (20k Bonus) you get 20K (Plat) + 30k (Reserve) and transfer t0 a spouse you can get Diamond status. Simply not worth it for $220,000 spend!

Back to Greg, he was able to score 2 first class tickets for DTW to FLL for $362.40 each while they wanted $800+ per coach seat. It may be a fluke, but his friend verified, and I want to be the next datapoint on my booking. If only I had a place to go…


SELECT Launch Party & Free Ritz Night

Bill is in awe of the power of SELECT

If you haven’t heard there are a bunch of wannabe Centurion Cards out there including Magnises who worked with Ja Rule to completely fuck up Fyre Festival. They also have pretty much sucked it up in everything else they have done. The newest iteration of the fake status card is SELECT which just rolled out in Chicago, they have much better prospects of being better this time around. I went ahead and got it for its churn-ability and to impress thirty thousand dollar millionaires while popping bottles at ‘da club. The membership was $250 with a $100 statement credit. Then you get deals at select places using their concierge. The latest deal was $40 worth of appetizers at Hugo Fish Bar on Rush Street. The only stipulation was it had to be a table of two, technically you could both show up, order $40 with of appetizers and then get the credit and leave. I didn’t do that and ended up splitting an entree with my $40 worth of apps. I have used in at other places and have gotten the most out of the membership.

The latest perk was the launch party at the Underground in Chicago. This was advertised as 2 hours of open bar, A-List celebrities, spinner rims, sick beats, etc. When I got there I certainly got the VIP treatment, concierge knew my name, drinks were free, music was pumping.

There was a random Hors d’oeuvre of cookies and brownies too.

Which was kind of weird, but talking to the other guests I have figured out the main clientele of the Select are Geekball churners such as myself. There were no billionaires or trust fund babies to order a $5,000 30 lbs bottle of champagne.

I spilled a drink and instead of throwing me out like the places I am used to going ,they profusely apologized, had a team of three clean up the spill, and got me a replacement drink! Top notch service catering to the clumsy and drunk!

When the open bar closed I took my drunk cheap ass into a free Uber (thanks to $15 AmEx Uber credit) right into a free Ritz Carlton room. A devoted reader to Derp Report had one more night left from his Ritz Carlton Card from Chase which was to expire that night! Good news, apparently the 5/24 rule does not apply for this card, and other chase hotel cards. He booked the room and named me as his guest, no problem at all checking in!

I got to drink for free and wake up at the Ritz thanks to churning! Thanks again readers for all of the support!


Samsung Pay & USB Altitude 3x Double Dip

I hate to admit when I am wrong, but I was wrong about everything because my dogma clouded my judgement. I have always been an Apple fan boy, and I always thought drinking butter was bad. Davey Nelson showed me the way of the Android Operating System on top of putting sticks of butter into my morning coffee. I have always balked at the idea of a non iOS phone, and the prospect of bulletproofing my coffee, but here I am on my Galaxy S8 and sipping on hot buttered coffee. I am a true believer now!

I went ahead and let my Apple Fanboy side of me die. When they started offering 3x points on Mobile Wallet on my US Bank Altitude Card, I knew there was many churning opportunities out there with MSing with in store gift cards and daily spend. With each point worth 1.5 cents we are looking at 3x points for 4.5% cash back for travel on every swipe transaction. This is almost twice that of the USAA 2.5% Limitless card.

I tried to earn 3x points with Apple pay, but sadly the terminals are not as prevalent as I want. Samsung has acquired LoopPay which is a powerful induction coil that would emulate a card swipe. If you hold the Galaxy s8 next to a CRT and try to “pay” you can see how strong this thing is. Getting the Samsung s8 means that I can use Mobile Wallet at any location that would take magnetic swipe cards. I even had this exact situation happen at a Chinese restaurant where the cashier could not believe it would work.  You just hold the phone next to the swiper and the terminal thinks a card has been “swiped”.

Of course I could of gotten any Samsung phone, even a old worn out and dangerous Galaxy Note 7, but what fun would that be? I went for Galaxy S8 just to take advantage of the current offers to switch which is a $200 trade in on top of $180 off on their VR Capture Module. I asked if my piece of crap Samsung U960 Rogue Verizon from 4 years ago would count and I was surprised to get this email:

Hello Derp,
Thanks for contacting Samsung!

Yes the Samsung U960 Rogue Verizon is an eligible trade in. If the iPhone 4 was a locked Verizon phone then it would be an eligible trade in. Subject to these Terms, you may trade in your eligible Samsung smartphone (“Trade-in Device”) and receive a credit from Samsung to use toward the purchase of a new Galaxy S8 or S8+. This Trade-In Program is only available for Galaxy S8 or S8+ smartphones purchased online directly from Samsung via Samsung’s website at
When you place your order, Samsung’s website will display a Trade-In Value based on the particular model device you select as your Trade-in Device. The Trade-In Value displayed is subject to receipt by Samsung of your Trade-in Device, in good condition as provided in these Terms. You may incur additional charges if you do not send your Trade-In Device to Samsung within fifteen (15) days of receiving your new device or if your Trade-In Device is not in good condition. See Sections 4 and 5 below for further details.
When you complete your order, Samsung will ship your new Galaxy S8 or S8+ to you. You should activate your new device and transfer your data, contacts, etc., before you ship your Trade-In Device to us. You can transfer your information from the Trade-In Device to your new device using Samsung Cloud, a data cable, or any of the other methods described in the documentation that accompanies your new device. You must then ship your Trade-In Device to Samsung.
2. Ship Us Your Trade-In Device
Samsung will provide a shipping label and instructions to send us your Trade-In Device. You must follow the instructions Samsung provides, including using any traceable shipment method required by Samsung. If you lose or discard the shipping label, please contact us. Your Trade-In Device must be returned within fifteen (15) days after the date you receive your new Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ under the Trade-In Program. Samsung will consider your Trade-In Device received as of the date you give it to Samsung’s authorized shipping provider with the prepaid return label Samsung sent you. By shipping the device to Samsung, you agree to transfer title and ownership of the device to Samsung. You disclaim any and all right, title or interest in and to the Trade-In Device, including the right to sell, dispose, or otherwise collect, where applicable, the its value. You should ship only the Trade-In Device to Samsung. Discard accessories you no longer need in accordance with your local trash and recycling regulations. No trade in value is offered on anything other than your Trade-In Device itself.
If you have any further questions or concerns, please email us back or contact our customer service department at 1-855-726-8721 and hit number “1”. We are open seven days a week between the hours of 9am-9pm EST. One of our friendly agents will be more then happy to assist you.

Have a great day.
Samsung eCommerce Team,

TerriLynn W.

The total cost of the new phone was $556 (inclusive of the $200 rebate) of which I needed to spend towards my Minimum Spend anyways. I would need to spend $12,355.55 in order to pay off the phone in terms of 4.5% cash back which is a silly way to justify the purchase.  If you can get you hands on a used compatible phone you can connect via wifi to your existing phone to use the service.

What was nice is on top of the 3x Altitude points you can earn Samsung Pay points for using the service. Right now they have an offer of 2,500 Samsung points for using Samsung Pay on your new S8 or S8+. On top of that if you use and enter my code 74730E before your 1st purchase to get $5 in rewards.

When you sign up you get 4x point as platinum right off the bat. Which means 10 points x 4 for every purchase using Samsung Pay.

Redemption is alright, it takes 20,000 points for a $100 gift card (500 swipes). With the 2,500 free points you get after 10 swipes you can at least get $10 Toys’r’us gift card.

Again not a rocking good deal, but something on top of using you Samsung Phone. So if you plan on maximizing your 3x points with the USB Altitude the Samsung Pay is the way to do it. Just icing on the cake when you get the Samsung Points as well. Good luck out there trying to explain to everyone that the induction coil is different than Apple Pay, you will get a lot of resistance at first.


Booking The Ritz Carlton Central Park With Scraps

Normally I can only get a half cent per point on most Marriott bookings, but since my trip to the Tokyo and Kyoto Ritz, I have found the best redemption is at crazy baller hotels that are priced for third party reimbursement. The 70k points per night for Tier 5 hotel is just some big number to keep basic bitches from booking. They would rather have you spend 140,000 Marriott points for 23 nights (and 5 free nights for every 4 redeemed) at the  TownePlace Suites Bentonville Rogers in Arkansas.


I rather spend the points on two nights in NYC, and hope to get the $1,245 a night deluxe king, high floor, park view at the Central Park Ritz using my gold status. I plan to get two nights valued at $2,806.90 with tax for for 140,000 Marriott points at a solid 2 cents per points.

Easy way to get 140k is 80,000 with the Chase Marriott Card, and 75,000 (as 25,000 SPG) with the AmEx SPG card. If you get both you will have 155,000 Marriott points for $8,000 spend! From a cash back prospective at 2 cents a point we are looking at $3,100 of value at 38.75% return. For those who are well above 5/24 you can get both the personal and business SPG cards for $3k and $5k spend respectively. The SPG cards are AmEx so they get the military annual fee waiver.

Of course I have a better way to get these points, which is by pooling everything together. From my mom’s account I converted her 5,000 left over SPG to 15,000 Marriott, this combined with her 10,000 existing Marriott made it 25,000 points. My wife had 10,000 SPG converted over to 30,000 Marriott. She had 20,000 Marriott left for a sweet 50,000. I had each of them call in and transfer these points to my account (up to 50,000 a year) for free since we are all Marriott gold from the SPG gold match. We had gotten the SPG gold from AmEx Platinum, so milk that for all its worth.

I have 20,000 Marriott points in my account, and converted 10,000 from my linked SPG for a grand total of 25,000+50,000+50,000= 125,000. I am short 15,000 points, but the beauty is I still need to do my $5,00o spend for 5,000 SPG points to convert to the remaining 15,000 Marriott. They let me book the room now and pay for it once all the points settle! Like hotel room points layaway.

Don’t let your scrap points go to waste! I say hit up all you slacker friends that probably have a few points here and there and pool them while you can to get a nice room somewhere. Who knows what the merger will bring, but you might as well spend the points rater to have them devaluate further.


Points Pooling Before The MRTRCRSPG Merger

It is official! The SPG & Marriott Points system will merge next year into what we can hopefully call the MarriottRewardsTheRitzCarltonRewardsStarwoodPrefferedGuest Rewards or MRTRCRSPG Rewards for short! No longer will we need to transfer points back and forth just to book rooms:

This chaos makes it a real good time to take advantage of the cross UR and MR rewards. You can use points from Chase and AmEx to book hotels! Keep in mind there is a 3 Marriott to 1 SPG conversion. Then there is a 1 to 1 Marriott from UR conversion, and then there is a 1,000 MR to 333 SPG conversion. Lets just call it 3:1 MR to SPG. We also can transfer 50k Marriott points to anyone on earth for free since you have gold status with SPG gold shared with Marriott gold (From Your AmEx Plat). Now lets evaluate the two card offers out there:

(referral link for Marriott)

The Chase Marriott is offering 80,000 points (26,666 SPG) and then 5 points for SPG and Marriott Hotels (1.66 SPG) and 2 points (0.66 SPG) on airlines. Then 1 Marriott (.33 SPG) for everything else. The annual fee of $85 is not waived, but you get a free night (cat 1-4) after paying the first renewal fee.

(referral for SPG Biz)

(referral for SPG Personal)

The SPG Biz gets the SCRA annual fee waiver. It gets 2 SPG (6 Marriott) at SPG hotels. Then 2 SPG (6 Marriott) for every dollar of eligible purchases on the Card at participating Marriott Rewards hotels. Then 1 SPG (3 Marriott) for all other eligible purchases. The personal SPG does not have Sheraton lounge access, but has only $3,000 min spend (vs $5k) for the 25,000 SPG (75,000 SPG) in 3 months.

If we visualize it in a Excel we can see the points better:

(In Marriott Pts) Marriott Chase SPG AmEx
Bonus 80,000 75,000
SPG/Marriott 5 6
Airlines 2 3
Everything 1 3
(In SPG Pts) Marriott Chase SPG AmEx
Bonus 26,666 25,000
SPG/Marriott 1.66 2
Airlines 0.66 1
Everything 0.33 1

Looks like the AmEx Biz SPG wins out in this situation, earning more Marriott Points than the Marriott Card itself! Best part is the lounge access at the Sheraton, which is a feature of platinum members! You already get lounge access with the free gold from AmEx Plat at the Marriott. The welcome bonus is also only slightly less than the Marriott. For those in violation of 5/24, the SPG is your only choice.

Best perk in getting these product before the merger is points pooling by this transfer chain: AmEx>SPG>Marriott, then gift 50,000 to anyone and convert back. Or you can go UR>Marriott and transfer 50,000 to a friend, then convert back to SPG. Take all your point scraps and trade it in for the Ritz! Hurry up before 2018 to take advantage of the transfer and double points system, and please use the links!


Plastiq Giving Out $200 in Fee Free Bill Pay

Sorry for the clickbait post title, it’s not $200, but rather a waiver of sending $200 to pay the bills (2.5% fee worth $5). You still get $200 charged on your card! Sometimes the charges post as hotel, good for 3x in CSR, but some report that has been closed. You must first send $200 paying the $5 fee. This helps out if your running out of time making your min spend.

When you get the 200 FFD, you just apply it to each charge as you send them. Here I sent $160 to my lawn guy, now I would have 40 FFD left with the referral. Use this link here or my code 674873 if interested.


Remember The Everyday Preferred + Au Biz?

I am lucky to have locked in the 2 cents per point loophole with the AmEx Biz Platinum 50% before the 31 May 2017 deadline. Although the points take forever to post after redemption, I am more certain than before that we can still double dip by picking any card in the MR points pool. Now lets consider all the categories that earn MR points at 2 cents per point and recalculate as cash back assuming we use it for travel. It was Greg’s article at the Frequent Miler that prompted me to consider the old friend, The Amex Everyday Preferred.

As you read before, you need to use the card 30 times in a billing period for a 50% boost in points. The categories are 3-2-1x for Supermarkets, Gas, Everything. With the 50% bonus that becomes 4.5x, 3x, 1.5x, and with 2 cents redemption we get 9%, 6%, 3% cash back!

Moving on we have our old friend the Gold Biz AmEx of which I am planning to downgrade one Biz Pt back to since I ended up with two Biz Plat accounts. This card lets you choose your 3x category every year. You can pick from Airfare, Advertising, Gasoline, Shipping, and Computer Hardware (Includes iTunes). You already get 3x on gas with the Everyday Preferred, and 5x on Airlines on Platinum leaving advertising, shipping, Computer hardware as the only serious choices. At 2 cents per point, this is 6% cashback when used for ads, shipping, computers.

Get 25,000
Membership Rewards® points after you spend $5,000 in qualifying purchases on the Card within your first 3 months of Card Membership.†

The last card I do not have yet, but for a moment I thought about getting it. It is the Morgan Stanley AmEx Credit Card.

This card gets 2x points on airlines, 2x at restaurants, 2x at department stores, 2x at car rentals for essentially 4% cash back when using pay with points while being grandfathered into the 50% points back with Biz Platinum. You would use this card for all categories but airline, because of the 5x on Personal Platinum.

Then I realized I already had a 2x card for dining and it’s the AmEx PRG or Primer Rewards Gold! I also need to start the second round of spend 01 July 2017. I hate department stores, and my wife is a TJ Maxxinista, so department stores are a worthless benefit of the MS Credit Card. Then car rentals fall under travel so Chase and US Bank have the better deal on that one at 4.5%. Plus my mom was tricked into getting the 5% Cashback TJ Maxx card for a single 10% discount, but that’s another story entirely. How dare they manipulate an old lady into getting a credit card, that’s my job! I was able to make my wife an AU on her already opened account.

Below is the current spend strategy for me for the rest of my time grandfathered into the old 50% back program:

Category Card Points Cash for flights @ 2 cents
Airlines Personal Platinum 5x 10%
Mercedes Stuff MB Plat 5x 10%
Groceries Everyday Preferred 4.5x 9%
Gas Everyday Preferred 3x 6%
Ads or Gold Biz 3x 6%
Shipping or Gold Biz 3x 6%
Computers Gold Biz 3x 6%
Restaurants PRG 2x 4%
Department Stores MS Credit Card 2x 4%
Car Rentals MS Credit Card 2x 4%
Anything over $5k Biz Plat 1.5x 3%
Anything else Everyday Preferred 1.5x 3%

Keep  in mind these valuations are good for just one more year with 50% points back for 2 cents per point only for travel. I just wish I had a place to go! Now how does this compare to the Chase and US Bank Products?

Category Card Points Redeeming Points for 1.5 Cents
Travel CSR 3x 4.50%
Travel Altitude 3x 4.50%
Dining CSR 3x 4.50%
NFC (Apple Pay) Altitude 3x 4.50%

You can see that we get 1.5 cents per point for travel with the other guys for 4.5% cash back across the board. This is good for when AmEx essentially reverts to 35% points back for the same 1.5 cents per point in one year. The CSR is the clear winner over any AmEx for dining. The MS Credit Card is absolutly not looking so good now! Let’s look at actual cash back with the rest of my collection:

Category Card Cash back
Groceries Blue Cash Preferred 6%
Amazon Chase Amazon 5%
Gas Cost Co Everyday Citi 4%
Restaurant/Travel Cost Co Everyday Citi 3%
Everything USAA Limitless 2.5%
Cost Co Cost Co Everyday Citi 2%

Not bad for the time after 50%, or if I am unable to travel. The beauty of the MR points is the 1.25 cents per point for the cash out with Charles Schwab AmEx Platinum if I don’t want to travel. Keep the points in the MR pool, and don’t transfer them till you know what you are going to do with them!

As always please use the referrals here if interested, I made a chart of Cash Back Values here for your reading pleasure. The excel file shows points at 2 cents @ 50% bonus, 1.5 cents at 35% bonus, and 1.25 cents for Schwab Cashout.


Delta Double Dip 130k Sky Miles, 10k MQMs and $150 Credit

Just in time for PCS expense season right now you can get 70K on Pt Delta and 60K on Gold Delta with $4k and $3k spend respectively. Must apply by 26 July 2017, so I would stagger them to get a two month tail for spend. Apply here and here.

Active duty get the $195 and $95 annual fee waived as well.

The Plat also gets you 10k MQM miles, which will bump you up in status, especially if you are flying delta a lot, or for PCS moves. Keep in mind that these status miles are a scorecard that resets at the end of the year.

Then you get $150 statement credit, I triggered this by buying a beverage on a flight, you can also buy a gift card as well or tickets.

One year from now you get a companion pass to fly one of your friends for free in the 48 states in coach class. This is an amazing deal, too bad I had the product before! Points redeemable for delta flights as well as their Sky Team partners.

Delta flights also qualify for the free lounge access with AmEx Plat as well as using Go Go wifi with the Biz Plat.

Thanks for the support!