31 May Deadline: How To Maintain 2¢ Per MR Point

Edit June 06, 2017: Loophole is closed, no more double dipping points!

I booked 4 tickets to Traverse city using MR points and I got 50% of my points back for a sweet 2 cents per point. Today I got 5x points on top of that bonus as well by choosing a linked personal Pt card on check out, and I will earn ass in seat points on American Airlines when I fly them. Perfect triple dip earning situation here!

Unfortunately this turned out to be so unsustainable for AmEx that the they rolled back the bonus to a measly 35%, but if you got the card between 06 October 2016 and 31 May 2017 you will be grandfathered into the old 50% for one year from application approval date.

Since I got my card outside of my the eligibility window (by product change from gold biz), the bonus will revert back to 35% points back for all flight bookings on 01 June 2017. I am planning on just using this link here to get yet another card just for the sake of preserving 50% cashback and to get another $200 on American gift cards. The current offer is:

Don’t think I can hit the bonus without a bunch of MSing. Not really the point here, and I am not even sure if I am eligible for another bonus, even thought I didn’t get one for the gold card I PCed to. Go and use this link here if you plan on getting another Business Platinum. Also don’t forget to combine it with the Personal Platinum (Link Here) to get 4x back on top.(not true anymore)

I went ahead and asked about the bonus language on the online chat and sure enough they said even a PC from gold to platinum would make me ineligible since I had the product before at any point. Reports out there don’t look good, unless you had canceled the procuct over 7 years ago. However they never showed me having the Biz Platinum on their records. Might be worth a try with the old gold coin churn.

I had two options really at this point, either book all of my flights before 01 June 2017 or go ahead and get another AmEx Business Platinum. I tried my best to spend all my points, and sure enough I am still getting the bonus:

Since I can only book flights 330 days out from today, and I am in a tough travel situation with the newborn, I decided my only option was to get another AmEx Platinum Business Card. THis would buy me at least another year in order to spend down the rest of my points. I got approved, putting me well over the theoretical 5 Charge Card Limit. Total count now is 7 Charge cards: MS, CS, MB, Personal, PRG, 2 Biz cards.

Now I have the choice of chosing a new airline for my bonus. Not sure if i should stick with American or switch to united. My wife thankfully has one more year on her United, so I might stick with American and then downgrade my old Platinum Biz to a gold for any future offers or categories. Seems like big changes for Q3 regarding their business lines.


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