AmEx & Delta: The Inverted United Experience

I flew delta today on points and I got the opposite experience than Dr. David Dao on United. First off, I put my global entry number in the passenger information instead of my DoD ID number. What resulted is NO PRE-CHECK! I wanted to save time so I didn’t even try to have it changed at the ticket counter. I went ahead and endured the normie line of the back scatter x-ray machine and taking off my jacket, shoes, and my laptop of of my bag. It was very humbling to see what the rest of you suckers endure every trip to the airport. Lesson learned, always use your DoD ID in the Know Traveler ID box, otherwise you might get the random no pre-check like I did.

The partnership between AmEx and Delta has resulted in a flight experience that is beyond that of having gold status on United. My AmEx Platinum Card gives me free access to their Sky Club lounges on departure as well as arrival. My Business AmEx Platinum card gives me free in flight WiFi. Every year I get a companion certificate on my Delta Reserve Credit Card and Delta Platinum Credit Card. I have no idea why I have the Gold Delta Card. That might be the one I close *gasp* since its been about two years holding on to that thing.

When I checked in to the lounge they greeted me my name and offered an earlier flight since mine was delayed 15 minutes. CHecking on flight status seems to be part of the check in process. Since I didn’t check a bag they went ahead and booked me on a flight leaving in 15 minutes, and a full two hours earlier than my original flight! He advised me to take two shots of whiskey in the lounge and hurry off to my gate. I complied and ended up on an early flight for no change fee! Best part is they put me in the Comfort Plus seat that included free booze, extra leg room, and priority boarding.

Best part is on arrival I ended up at the historic Terminal A, the “Marine Air terminal” built in the early days of flight to accommodate sea planes. A quick Blue route bus ride over got me to terminal B for a quick drink at the Centurion Lounge, United Lounge and Air Canada Lounge before they all close at 8.

Food till 8 pm, but the Centurion Bar closes at 7:30 pm, hop over to Air Canada for a late arrival drink up till 8 pm

Best part of the whole trip is just spending the 37,500 points for the free round trip flight. More to come on the The Soldiers’, Sailors’, Marines’, Coast Guard and Airmen’s Club, Select Membership in NYC, and the Tiffany’s and Company Shareholder Meeting.



2 thoughts on “AmEx & Delta: The Inverted United Experience

  1. Mark says:

    So is it possible to have both the Delta Reserve and the Delta Platinum card on the same account? I had a platinum and upgraded it to Reserve.

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      I have the gold and reserve on mine and my wife has the platinum. I dont see why you could not have all three!

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