Claim Your Abandoned Money & Digitize Your Mail

Tip for today, go to and search every state you lived in to see if you left money behind. I had a local O-4 reader get over $2,300 in abandoned property! Most of these times the checks go un-cashed and are turned over to the state treasure as abandoned property. One of the account is cam upon myself is a bank account my wife has opened and forgot about when she was 8 years old!

Second tip is to sign up to view your USPS mail deliveries for the day. If you have not been informed, the USPS already takes a photo of every piece of mail for the cops, and retains it for 30 days. Instead of feeing mad or violated, you might as well take advantage of this service and sign up for informed delivery by USPS. This way you get a preview of every piece of mail coming in your mailbox every morning.


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