Eagerly Awaiting Press Credentials At The AmEx Open lounge

Here I am, a fish out of water, military churner, now lifestyle blogger getting the runaround at the NRA show. I am headed over to the press center after being denied a badge at the self service terminal(s). On my way I stoped into the AmEx OPEN lounge on the 2 and a half floor for some coffee and power for my devices. Sure enough, they let me in with the personal platnum. Up to two guests, no credentials required.

I am still making my case to the NRA, we have a very unique population of readers here. Military members with 30 days of annual leave, disposable income, and are all savvy churners that save money on the flight and the hotel with points. With these expenses are reduced, we take these savings to spend towards lifestyle such as dining and entertainment. All while earning mad 3x UR points on it to further this cycle. Hope thats as convincing to them as it is to myself.

Wish me luck!


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