Meet Mr. Buffet Using AmEx Points

I got to breath the same air was Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Jack Boggle, before being trampled by the Chinese State Media journalists. They are ruthless with their monopods to compensate for their short stature. No joke, like some super paparazzi!

I am reporting live at Warren Buffet’s Woodstock in Omaha in the last row of section 206 of the century link center. Thanks to the bad forecasting of Davey Nelson I was able to be here entirely for free! Here is my view with 40,000+ other nerds. There is special seating for managers and I , a tip for next year, wait in line overnight to get a seat right up front!

It’s a shame that there is no pre-check line for BRK.B shareholders, not sure if BRK.A holders get special treatment with their $250,000 share.

If you want to go to the meeting for free, my suggestion is to go ahead and buy a single share of BRK.B using AmEx points! Right now a single share is trading for $166.55

With the $4.95 commission would cost you $171.50 or 13,720 AmEx points using the Charles Schwab AmEx Platinum Card with invest with points (1.25 cents per point). If you want a sweet paper certificate, you can write a letter to Charles Schwab to transfer the share to Wells Fargo.

Then the electronic share can be issued as a certificate (maybe, last data point was 2010). Here is the information from my 2010 transfer:

Thank you for your email,
You may request a stock certificate by calling our office toll-free at 1-877-602-7411. Our Shareowner Relations Specialists are available to assist you Monday through Friday, from 7 AM to 7 PM Central Time.

If you prefer, you may send a written request by mail or fax.  If you fax the request, please fax to: 651-450-4085.  Our mailing address is listed below.  Please provide your name, address, account number, the name of the company of stock, the number of shares and the signature of all registered owners.  A request received in good order will be processed provided there are no restrictions on the account which may delay or prevent a transaction from occurring.


Wells Fargo Shareowner Services
161 North Concord Exchange
South St. Paul, MN 55075
Toll Free: 1-877-602-7411
Phone: 1-651-450-4064
Fax: 1-651-450-4033

There really is no need to transfer to a physical certificate or even to the outside holding corporation. If you held on to the share in Schwab you would still get the proxy voting card and invite to the meeting. You would just ask for meeting credentials to go each year, all it would cost you is the price for the stamp to mail in the request.

Flights and hotels are cheap if booked a year ahead of time. The Hilton attached to Century Link is impossible to get, but down the street is the Courtyard Omaha Downtown/Old Market Area
located at 101 South 10th Street Omaha Nebraska 68102. This hotel is going for $107 a night at the Military/Government rate for the same weekend in 2018.

Flights are booked with the AmEx pay with points with the 50% back which by June 01, 2017 will go down to 35% back using the Business Platinum. Might be worth booking flights for the meeting next year.

Now the meeting started with a very amusing movie with an all star cast. Including one scene from Breaking Bad as Warren is Dealing peanut brittle (See’s Candies) to Heisenberg. Then right to the questions and answer session. He even plugged the AmEx Platinum Card! Which apparently has an increase in membership of 17% overseas.

This part kind of drags on and people just trickle out and do some shopping downstairs. Every company of BRK has some sort of presence or promotion here. I ended up buying some limited edition Brooks running shoes for my next PRT!

Hope to see you at the next meeting!


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