AmEx Credit on Uber Eats SHUTDOWN!!!!!!!

UPDATE: Problem fixed, add the cards to get the credits, then delete the cards to make sure it forces the app to use the credits, looks like an isolated incident!

Looks like the fun might be over. People who have tried to book Uber Eats with the $15 AmEx credit have been charged!! The credits are on the account, but are not used when booking food. Uber claims it is a fault of the system, but I am going to be the Debbie Downer and be the datapoint of showing that they may make it only for rides. Boooo! Here is what customer service says:

Your gift card can be the only payment method on your account, as long as your trip cost does not exceed the gift card balance. If you would like to add another payment method, you can tap the menu icon then “Payment.”

We appreciate your patience and understanding on this matter. Our pleasure to be of help. Have a great day ahead.

Yes, you can use your Gift card as your sole payment method on your account.
However, you will be unable to use your gift card at this said point in time.
Our team is aware of this issue and we’re working hard to resolve it as quickly as we can. Thanks for your patience.


Be careful out there, don’t buy $120 worth of sushi, you might actually be paying for it! This problem has been reported in the Chicago market and the Washington DC area!


One thought on “AmEx Credit on Uber Eats SHUTDOWN!!!!!!!

  1. Joe says:

    I used it yesterday for ubereats. Also like how you have 6 platinums.

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