U.S. Bank Altitude Card Application! Glitchy, but possible 35 day waiver

In branch applying, first underwriter was hard on the 35 day relationship minimum. I opened a CD last week, so not even close!

In the meantime check out photos from the promo material:

They got three people pushing the underwriter to give me the 35 day pass, looks like a glich in the system not allowing approvals without the 35 day relationship. Pushing real hard, even working after the lobby has closed! The pass of 35 days can be found in the FAQ of the branch bulletin. The issue is specifically brought up and it says the underwriter can bypass the requirement with a call to underwriting. I am still waiting! The branch article has this FAQ.

Conclusion: underwriting is aware of the glitch, advised to put in application and let it go to underwriting. They should approve and will work with recon if it is not approved. Leaving with no approval today!


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