Derp Report Baby Edition

I gained access to one of the most exclusive lounges in the North Shore last night. To get there you must be the spouse to someone, or have given birth yourself at Lake Forest Hospital. This lounge was of course the postpartum wing of Lake Forest Hospital. Not sure if any frequent flyers get extra amenities, but feel blessed that this place existed at all.

Behind several layers of security doors is a bonanza of snacks and beverages:

unlimited saltine crackers and graham crackers

sandwiches, juice, chips, fruit

endless string cheese

Kidding aside, we just had a baby boy and so that means Derp Report may be slow on the updates in the next few months. I do have some tips to make when it comes time for baby travel after delivery. We made travel plans using MR points with AmEx travel well before the baby was born. When I booked, I purposefully didn’t book a ticket for the infant since we had not decided on a name or known what day he was going to be born. I did not want to wait till the birth because I would of lost out on the lower prices, and since it was a lap baby, it would not cost more or take up any more seats.

Once I had this information I was ready to call in the reservation. For my United flights I called the Premier line at 1(800)225-8900 and made the reservation for a lap infant using the locator code AmEx provided me. I called 1(800)433-7300 to do the same with my American Airlines flights. Both of these trips I had used points, and it was not a problem to book the infant after the fact. When you got a kid on the way, don’t get hung up on booking the tickets on the AmEx side where it gives you the infant option, just book for yourself and add the kid once they are born. More details are given on the mommy points site.

The last bit of advice is to bring your own coffee maker since hospital coffee is always terrible. This terrible coffee is often made by medical professionals that have much more important duties (like delivering babies) at night. The beans are oxidized and it has been burning on the maker for hours. There is often plenty of free hot water from the machine, and I use the nice thermal container I got from the $100 certificate via the AmEx MB card to get some. I then bought a hand pump espresso machine that takes Nespresso capsules.

This comes in handy when you got to be up till 2 am waiting for a baby to show up! Luckily we didn’t have to wait that long for our son, and everyone got a good night’s rest. We even got a killer celebration meal the next day. Thanks to the good folks of Lake Forest Hospital for a wonderful experence!

This new baby is going to be my excuse for not posting in awhile. In the mean time go read Davey Nelson’s blog or apply to the AmEx Platnum card and work on that $5,000 spend.

-Daddy Derp

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    Ooooo, does that mean Davey will be updating with greater frequency to pick up the slack


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    Congrats my great friend!

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