US Bank: Barclays’ Replacement

Looks Like US Bank is going into the baller Credit Card Bling Blong Market. Their new metal card product is coming in May and will be called “US BANK ALTITUDE“.It will have these features according to DOC and flyer talk:

  • 12 free gogo wifi passes (already got with AmEx Platinum Business)
  • Airport Lounge Access (have with AmEx Platinum and CSR)
  • TSA Pre-check (AmEx Platinum with Global entry and DOD ID number)
  • Black car and car rental service (Elite status with AmEx Plat as well as Uber credits)
  • Visa Infinite Concierge service and more (Got it with CSR)
  • Custom Engraved Metal Card (pfff, Can some one make a zirconia card already???)

This is nice for those who had a us bank credit card account before they joined, because they apparently waive all fees while in active duty.

If you obtained your U.S. Bank mortgage, loan, line of credit, or credit card prior to being called to active duty, SCRA allows a cap of 6% on the interest rate and a waiver of all fees while you are on active military service.  Contact the Military Service Center to request this benefit.

Potential for doing a product change to the new premium product of a card you had before you joined. I did not have a US Bank card so I’m out of luck. More to come, but who has any experience with US Bank and SCRA? Andy Sheep has had no luck at all with waiving for a product obtained while on active duty,


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