Datapoint: TD Ameritrade DD in CapitalOne, $400 bonus

This is the Data Point you guys have been waiting for! I got my $400 bonus on CapitalOne using the code for the Boston area without being targeted. I also used $250 as an allotment from MyPay as well as $250 from TD Ameritrade! I became the datapoint I wanted to see. There was much concern regarding language used for the specific targeted offer, but I guess they rather have my money than being specific. I also set my location to Boston the the website just to be sure!

First I went to this site here and started my application. I used ref code PLUS400 when prompted and entered my Illinois address no problem. The account was opened and funded with direct deposit in 5 mins. A week after the direct deposits hit I got my $400!

My $200 hit on the $10,000 as well for the money market account. So that was a sweet $600 on $10,500 in a week for a nice 296% annualized return! I am under no obligation to keep any of these accounts open. No minimum account time or closing fee, but I will keep it open to not be a blue falcon to the rest of you.


One thought on “Datapoint: TD Ameritrade DD in CapitalOne, $400 bonus

  1. TWoK says:

    Fucking awesome!

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