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BMO Harris is being super strict on their $200 offer. First off my opening was a bit flustered because you have to call in for an interview and send in a signature card in the branch or mail. After all that face to face interaction, I contacted them today after making a $300 allocation from MyPay as well as $300 from my TD Ameritrade account. I contacted them to see if I made the offer and they said no since it was obvious that it was an ACH. They even said my real legit allocation from MyPay counted as an ACH only. They said on the online chat:

Unless it says payroll along with the description, you might need to bring pay stubs to the branch showing so

They also said my code FLEXCODE06 was not added and I needed to stop in the branch to add it. He asked me to bring in the flyer as well. Luckily I was able to email myself a cert here. I called the branch and they added the code since the guy remembered me for our interview. I am just going to let the second deposit drop and I will bring in the MyPay stub to show them that its an actual payment source. Do not rely on TD Ameritrade because it will not count.

So there you go for a data-point, BMO seems to be going out of their way to protect themselves from bank churners. Making me work extra hard for my $200. Thanks to Danny’s deals for the offer link! Even after all of this I wont see the bonus for 120 days since opening, but at least I got all to documentation here in one place. Check with me 120 days from 13 March 2017 which is Tuesday, July 11, 2017.


One thought on “BMO Harris Datapoint

  1. jackgopack4 says:

    I’ve found that BMO Harris phone reps don’t always know what they’re talking about…I agree with your strategy of “wait and see.”

    Unfortunately, I don’t have a BMO branch near me so I will be disappointed if the bonus doesn’t automatically apply.

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