AmEx Metal Cards Are Here

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Certainly not the first to report on the new cards. The first reddit post is here, and the Chinese blog already weighed them. Also some people are reporting receiving them in a nice wood case that doubles as a phone stand! Thanks to u/flowerpencup for permission to use the photos on the blog! The wood block only comes with the new card accounts.

Now I got three of the braded cards the MB, CS, MS. I guess I will have to contribute with macro photos like I did for the now dead to us Barclays Gold Luxury Card. Here they are:

The card is so damn shiny the macro flash blows out the photo, this shows how the words “American Express” and “Platinum” are painted in a very thick ink, looks like its screen printed on. Other elements such as the border, branding, and member since are the same ink but lower

The EMV chip is cut and set into the metal, you can see the fringe is screen printed. Don’t forget the ability to get the contactless payment chip which is much larger

side of three cards, it is certainly metal laminated with clear plastic, kind of a rough cut on the edge, not smooth like the Ritz card.

The MB logo is screen printed, kind of crappy and pixilated

The front elements that are customized like the year, name and CCV are deeply engraved showing a golden base metal (brass?)

with the flash off you can see the contrast better on how high the ink sits

better color balance here showing how they use different ink hights per element, also note the globe and banner background

the centurion looks nice and sharp

better look at the engraving and exposed base metal, rough finish on the edge

laminated plastic back is clear with printed words on top layer causing a reflection between layers

schwab logo is properly vertor generated and crisp

MS logo looks nice too

MB logo needs work looks like garbage

pretty deep engraving on front

Printed back elements are rough to touch and quite high

So there you go kids! Looks like AmEx is trying to fight against CSR. What kind of gimmicky garbage is to come? The ball is in your court Chase!


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  1. JJ says:

    Do you have any pics of the new Centurion Card?

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