New Amex Benefits Recap

Thanks for the uptick in traffic from from Gary Leff’s blog yesterday for all time high page views. So I guess it was worth it to stay up to 2 am to see if I could get a free Uber delivered omelet. Just to sum everything that happened:

  • Sign up for Uber and UberEATS using my referral links to get a first ride free and $15 for food use code: “eats-gs9p8”
  • If You haven’t gotten an AmEx Platinum, please use this link to get 60k points for $5k spend in 90 days. Make sure you apply the SCRA to waive the new $550 annual fee
  • Link your existing Amex Platinum(s) under payments to Uber and your $15 should show up per card, if not, delete and re-add the card
  • An email should be received to validate the linked AmEx account
  • Reports have been made that adding a spouse card or a friends card to a single Uber account will pool all the points to a singe app
  • Take an Uber and the fare will be taken from the credits. This resets every month and will bump up to $35 for December
  • The day is defined by the time zone that your billing address goes to. You have till midnight of your billing time zone to use March 2017’s $15
  • Order from Uber eats and the credit will be applied at delivery from the Uber app credit
  • Call, online chat, or use the website to get a metal card replacement. The option should be there
  • These benefits apply for all branded Personal Platinum products: Schwab, Morgan Stanley, Ameriprise, MB, and Goldman Sachs
  • This does not apply for Business Platinum

If you haven’t used your credit for March 2017, you might as well use the UberEATS by the end of day today. If your not in the area that Uber or UberEATS serves, just use it to send some food or a car to a friend in another market. Better yet, just send it to some random person to see if confusion will ensue.



One thought on “New Amex Benefits Recap

  1. Alan says:

    Has anyone got the UberEATS credit to work overseas? I tried from the US Embassy here in Tokyo with no luck, was hoping it shows up as ordering from the US as it can on occasion work when I’m at the Yokosuka Navy base.

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