UBER Eats Works For $15 AmEx Monthly Credit

This post was originally written for the day of 30 April 2017 when the Uber Credits took effect. Go ahead and skip to the middle to read about Uber eats, and please use this LINK HERE if you are at all interested in the product to toss points my way!

I just called customer service for my Morgan Stanley AmEx at 1-800-441-0519, and I got to say, the MS service is a bit of a step up from the basic AmEx Platinum line. They answered in 2 rings and acknowledged my prestigious relationship with Morgan Stanley. Anyways they gave me a special link here to use to get my replacement metallic card starting now (Midnight Mountain Time). However the link went live at 11:30 Central time, 1.5 hours ahead of schedule. You could call or use the online chat to order a new card as well. They said the Uber takes effect at the same time, so 1 am Central, 2 am Eastern, 3 pm Japan Time. They said they anticipate on being swamped by requests on the phone, so this link is the best way to get the replacement card. The URL is: https://www.americanexpress.com/cardreplacement or online chat.

Not successful requesting a MB card or cards for other AUs. I did order a Charles Schwab one no problem for myself, but had troubles linking it to Uber (in the end it worked). I got my Morgan Stanley so recently (Monday 27 Mar) that they would not allow me a replacement.

I could only get the regular or the Schwab, but they promised me 24 hr free delivery. So the workers at the factory are going to be busy tonight!

Its a shame that the MB did not have a option to upgrade since MB one looks nice now with its single 3 point star logo.

UBER Credit works for food

Next line of business is the Uber $15 credit is good from 0001 30 March 2017  to 2359 31 March 2017 and resets at 0001 01 April 2017. That means we have 48 hours to spend $15 given into the Uber App for each primary personal Platnum card account(s). This Uber Credit will appear as $15 per card in the linked Uber accounts. The credit bumps up to $35 per card in December for a cool $200 a year. This means you may have to keep track of what card you used and when in order to maximize the credit for every account. The credit just shows up in a single pool, even reports of spousal or friend’s primary accounts added to one giant credit pool.

Like the airline credit, this is only $15 per account, per month. I went ahead and ordered a Phily Steak Omelet from Denny’s using the Uber Credit on Uber eats. I wanted to be the first datapoint for everyone’s real use of the Uber Credit (for March 2017 at least).

There it a little green credits box next to my card. I got my omelet after waiting an hour and the credit was deducted from my $60. An email came for a grand total of $0.00! So you can use the credit for UberEATS! I guess they truly are trying to compete with Chase Sapphire Reserve which gave $300 for Uber and Uber Eats as “travel”.

So yummy!

The UberEats app it took it out of my $60 Uber credit for my 4 Personal Platinum Cards:

and it charged my card $0.00:

Enjoy it while it lasts, hopefully the RAT doesn’t shut it down like the United MPX loophole. Keep in mind that this bonus resets every month, use it or lose it!


10 thoughts on “UBER Eats Works For $15 AmEx Monthly Credit

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  2. WR says:

    “This means you may have to keep track of what card you used and when in order to maximize the credit for every account.”

    Why? It seems like Uber uses your credit first regardless of your payment method. Otherwise how could it pool the credits together? I’m curious if there are data points of using Chase Freedom or such as payment method, to see if credits are still used up.

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      good point, that was based on old incorrect information that the credit was to be applied like the airline credit.

  3. rtjb says:

    Nice job breaking this story, sir. Maybe r/churning will send a few more readers your way!

  4. Kevin C says:

    Why the hell do you have 5 Platinum cards at a time? Why not close them after you get the bonuses and keep one. FR waiting to happen…

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      Good point, I do value the $200 Uber and $200 airline. As long as the annual fee waiver continues, there is no point in closing them. Also with the life time limit, there is no upside to close and wait to try to get the bonus again. Would consider it if the waiver goes away and they allow the bonus again, if they get Rid of the lifetime bonus limit.

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