BMO Harris $200 for 2x $300 DD Funded $1K with Credit Card and CCCU $200 for $100 Deposit

Looks like the canucks want our American greenbacks bad because the Bank of Montreal or as we call it “BMO Harris” is offering a Checking Bonus of $200 for 2 direct deposits you can simulate with MyPay allotments of $300. The bonus will pay within 120 days. Assuming we put in $600 for 120 days the $200 is a 66% return on investment annualized.  Use the promo code: flexcode06. You can even fund up to at least $1000 with a credit card. Planning on using my USAA Limitless for a sweet $25 to fund the account $1,000 with a single charge at 2.5% cash back. I wasn’t sure so I chickened out and put it on my Barclays Gold Lux card instead because had already I set the Cash Advance limit to $1.I will call USAA and set the Limitless to zero as well. Use the link here and the code by 4/28. More info on reddit.

The CCCU is the Cristian Community Credit Union which is offering $200 for a new checking account of a minimum deposit of $100. A few rules with this one:

1. To receive the $200 checking bonus: 1) Open your first free Checking or Checking Plus Account with a $100 minimum opening deposit. 2) Sign up for eStatement and recurring direct deposit within 60 days of account opening. The bonus cannot be used as the opening deposit. Direct deposit needs to be an electronic deposit of your paycheck, pension, or government benefits (such as Social Security) from your employer or the government.

The bonus will be deposited within 60 days into your Checking Account after membership eligibility and Checking Account are approved and you have met the Direct Deposit and eStatement requirements. Offer is not available to existing Christian Community Credit Union members with Checking Accounts or those whose membership or Checking Accounts have been closed. Bonus offer available to U.S. residents.
The bonus is considered taxable income and will be reported to the IRS on your 1099-INT form. If your Checking Account is closed within six months after account opening, the bonus will be deducted from the closing balance. Offer effective 02/21/17 and is subject to change without notice.
2. No monthly fee with Direct Deposit or a $1,500 minimum daily balance. $10 otherwise.
3. No minimum balance required after $100 opening balance.
4. One CURewards point for every $2 in signature-based purchases with the Visa Debit Card. If you do not qualify for a Visa Debit Card, you may receive an ATM Card. No CURewards points are earned using an ATM Card.
5. APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Checking Plus Account earns dividend when the daily balance is $1,500 or more. This is a variable rate account, and the APY could change after the account is opened.
6. ATMs available through the CO-OP Network. A surcharge fee from the ATM owner may apply on non CO-OP ATMs.

So may rules with CCCU. I say use your allotments and drop two $300 deposits into BMO Harris, then send $1 to CCCU every month to keep the account free and open. That’s $400 for pretty much playing the game of clicking the right buttons and waiting a few months. Combine this with the Wells Fargo $250 and you already made $650 3 months into 2017!


3 thoughts on “BMO Harris $200 for 2x $300 DD Funded $1K with Credit Card and CCCU $200 for $100 Deposit

  1. jackgopack4 says:

    I decided to skip the CCCU because to my understanding, they have strict eligibility and I am not currently involved in a “Christian Ministry.”

    BMO Harris looks promising, though. They had online account opening disabled for the longest time so I’m excited to take advantage of this one.

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      Thanks for the info jackgopack4! better start my Christian Ministry of the church of the churn soon!

  2. TJ says:

    I have done quite a few of these bank bonuses over the last year. One thing to look out for on allotments is that you cannot have more than one going to the same institution. You can send allotments to dependents, but ran into issues setting up seperate accounts for both my wife and I that needed DD to get bonus and ACH didn’t work.

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