Metal AmEx Plat Coming in a Month!

According to the points guy new features coming to AmEx Plat including a $550 annual fee increase!

Features of note:

  • $15 a month Uber credit per card and $35 for December for $200 a year, I could only get my non co-branded personal cards to link. The CSR said only the Primary Card Holder gets the $200 a year like the airline credit, but for each card. My personal, Schwab, and MB will give me $600 in Uber for the year. No excuses for ARIs for any of you out there!!! This starts 30 March 2017 giving me $35 to use in 48 hours where they expire 31 March 2017
  • 5x points on hotel only via (6.25% cash back when points are dumped in schwab)
  • Metal card to impress losers at da’ club (old hat, the Amazon Chase card is metal). Cards will not be issued until they expire or by calling them any time on or after 30 Mar 2017
  • Everything else is the same including 5x on airline tickets

Just when we thought Amex platinum was dead, they come back full force!


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