Get Ready For the Schwabocalypse!

Schwab and AmEx got me the card in less than 48 hours of account opening! Just in time for their war on value investment firms like Vanguard and Blackrock. Here are their new fees starting tomorrow 01 March 2017 for their ETFs and Mutual Funds:

Name Old Fee New Fee TSP Equivalent
Schwab U.S. Small-Cap ETF™ SCHA 0.07% 0.06% S Fund
Schwab U.S. Mid-Cap ETF™ SCHM 0.07% 0.06% S Fund
Schwab International Equity ETF™ SCHF 0.08% 0.07% I Fund
Schwab Emerging Markets Equity ETF™ SCHE 0.14% 0.13% None
Schwab U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF™ SCHZ 0.05% 0.04% F Fund
Schwab S&P 500® Index Fund SWPPX 0.09% 0.03% C Fund
Schwab Total Stock Market Index Fund SWTSX 0.09% 0.03% C and S Fund
Schwab 1000 Index® Fund SNXFX 0.29% 0.05% C Fund
Schwab Small-Cap Index Fund® SWSSX 0.17% 0.05% S Fund
Schwab International Index Fund® SWISX 0.19% 0.07% I Fund
Schwab® Treasury Infl Protected Secs Idx SWRSX 0.19% 0.05% G Fund
Schwab U.S. TIPS ETF™ SCHP 0.07% 0.05% G Fund
Schwab Fundamental U.S. Broad Market Index ETF FNDB 0.32% 0.25% C and S Fund
Schwab Fundamental U.S. Large Company Index ETF FNDX 0.32% 0.25% C Fund
Schwab Fundamental U.S. Small Company Index ETF FNDA 0.32% 0.25% S Fund
Schwab Fundamental International Large Company Index ETF FNDF 0.32% 0.25% I Fund
Schwab Fundamental International Small Company Index ETF FNDC 0.46% 0.39% None
Schwab Fundamental Emerging Markets Large Company Index ETF FNDE 0.47% 0.40% None
Schwab® U.S. Aggregate Bond Index Fund SWAGX N/A 0.04% F Fund
Schwab® Short-Term Bond Index Fund SWSBX N/A 0.06% F Fund?

So there you go! Worth a look if you don’t have TSP access. Davey sent his list of possible suggestions here: SCHE and GREK are looking like YOLO bets!


3 thoughts on “Get Ready For the Schwabocalypse!

  1. 4th yr lyfe says:

    Just got off the phone with Schwab as I have 2 Roth IRAs that I’m planning on moving over and consolidating. I’m going to be paying some account closure fees to USAA and Merrill and seems like they’re willing to work with me to refund some of those fees on top of the welcome bonus.

    Also, I think everyone might be interested in knowing that this war is becoming a scorched earth campaign as I was informed that Schwab will be charging $4.95 for all equity trades starting on Friday in response to other investment houses dropping their fees to $6.95.

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