New Centurion in Philadelphia and Hong Kong!

I am sad to hear that ORD was not the next Centurionary City after all. Looks like the home of our very own Derp Report webmaster will get a Centurion Lounge of their own! According to user aussiecoffeee on r/churning and this post two weeks ago, the next lounge will be in Philadelphia! Details here:

located directly above the current British Airways lounge located in terminal A-West near gate A14. It will be on the secure side past the TSA security checkpoint so there will be no need to re-screen at the checkpoint before catching your flight.

Even more reason to get in on the AmEx Personal Platinum (again, again, and again). How many versions of this card could there possibly be? Who cares when they are paying you $700 a pop and waiving the fee per SCRA.


Looks like the real news in the 8,000 square foot Centurion lounge in Hong Kong that will open this year! Thanks CDR for the tip!


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