2x$100 Stackable Bonus on $10,000 at Schwab

A nice ‘friendly’ Schwab rep called to confirm that I could use code “SchwabWelcome11” for $100 bonus for $10,000 deposit held until 21 March 2017, and then code “REFER” for another $100 for $1,000 held for a whole year! Of course he said If I moved $100,000 I could get a cool $500. He kind of wanted hang up on me after I said I only had $10,000 to give him.

Sorry Charlie! wasn’t planning on moving my Roth IRA from vanguard which charges me 0.05% for management fees ($50 per $100,000 per year). Now if I had that in liquid cash, that would be another story. Schwab’s cheapest index fund is Schwab® S&P 500 Index Fund SWPPX at 0.09% expense ratio ($90 per $100,000 each year). Still can’t beat TSP at 0.029% ($29 per $100K).

Going to apply for the Schwab AmEx next for the $500 (40k MR points converted to 1.25 cents a point), $200 United fee rebate and then this $200 new account bonus for a sweet $900 for $10,000 in one year (9% yield) at no risk at all. Its actually much higher as I can take out the $9,000 after March 2017 (2 months).


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