BRS Part 2: Opt-IN Course

Looks like the first part of the mando training has been release for those that have the balls to switch to the BRS. The training can be found here, and is required for those who want to, and are eligible to switch to BRS on o1 January 2018.

Summary of my understanding:

  1. Switching to BRS is only for those who have less than 12 years of service on 31 Dec 2017
  2. If you become active duty on or after 01 Jan 2018 you must do BRS
  3. If you are none of the above you must do 20 years or more to get 2.5% of you base pay per year served
  4. If you are in BRS you will only get 2.0% per year served after 20 years (20% pension cut)
  5. If you do BRS you will automatically get 1% and match up to 5% into your TSP (will be traditional TSP)

More to come once I finish my training.


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