How To Survive The Below Basic Bitch Fare

This week I was able to finally use a trip booked using the $100 credit towards round trip flights for 2 to 5 people that is given on the  Visa Air Discount site. This site is open to all that have the recently upgraded Ritz Carlton Card from Chase. Be careful with booking because the Delta segments will some times come up as class E which is their most restricted Basic Economy Class. This means the E Class ticket holder must follow these rules:

  1. Pretty much can’t pick a seat until 24 hrs before the flight
  2. No window or aisle seats can be picked at check in
  3. Board behind the last group, must stare at shoes
  4. Charged for checked luggage
  5. No upgrades whatsoever for status or cash
  6. No changes
  7. No refunds
  8. No lounge access
  9. No making eye contact with other passengers j/k

For the military member some most things restricted are not a big deal. First off, checked luggage is still free. Citing the Delta site:

active military personnel traveling on personal business on Delta and Delta Connection operated flights may check two bags up to 50 lbs (23 kg) and 62 linear inches (158 cm) at no charge.

Picking seats does suck, because you end up with the crap middle seats:

Then you can’t even pick the Delta comfort seat if you wanted to upgrade.

You still get the beverage service and a carry on. Just keep in mind that I just paid $48.10 a segment for this trip!

Now with the $100 Visa discount, my total charged is $192.40 for the roundtrip for 2. Cheaper than a bus!

Next for military members you get a SCRA annual fee waiver for the Delta Reserve, Delta Platinum, and Delta Gold Card from AmEx. This gives you Zone 1 Priority boarding so you don’t board last. You can get Sky Club lounge access with you AmEx Personal Platinum (no guests) and then free WiFi ten times a year on the plane with the Business Platinum (fee waived as well).

This Beyond Basic Bitch Fare of $49 a segment from ORD to ATL becomes pretty much like a regular fare. You just end up stuck in the middle of two new friends! Please use the links below if you are thinking of getting any of the products mentioned. Also reader Jessica (afktop07(at)gmail(dot)com) wanted me to pass on her referral links for her Business Delta Gold and Platinum since I dont have the busisness versions myself. I do have my referrals for the personal versions below:

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