Airspace San Diego: More Rules Than a Strip Club

Thank you San Diego for a wonderful week! Too bad I picked the rainiest and most miserable time to visit, but the warmth of the locals made up for the 50 degree days. With nothing else to do on a rainy day, I got the the airport early to figure out the rules of the Airspace lounge located between the United and American sides of terminal 2 behind security. This lounge is often overlooked by AmEx Platinum users because they only have 3 locations in the world. Cleveland, New York JFK, and San Diego. It is not a Centurion Lounge and not on the Priority Pass list so most people don’t even know it exists.

Any of the AmEx Platinum and Centurion Cards gets you access. Upon checking in you have to meet with the AmEx specialist located at the 3rd most inner desk that scans your boarding pass and swipes your AmEx Platnum card. I found out you only get one shot to use the lounge per day, per boarding pass. I asked if I had multiple AmEx Platinum cards if I could get $10 for each card. Which he quickly dismissed, he said their special system logs in when you enter and on what boarding pass. No multiple entries with food credit here.

all items but soup and boozes can be carry out

I went ahead and helped myself to some cheeses and veggies with some ranch dressing (very keto friendly diggs). At the bar I put in an order for some charcuterie and olives for a $13 total. Now I guess the front desk check in staff had given me $20 in credit, which was the equivalent of myself and one guest. When I went to pay the waitress asked if I had brought a guest (which I honestly said no), and she quickly “corrected” the over sight and charged me the $3 and tax over the $10. She explained that if I had brought in 2 guests I could of had a $30 credit. So there you go, next time grab two random people from the crowds outside. What a strange rule really. There are also signs posted on how closely the internet is monitored and not to mess around with torrents:

Some serious business here. Most of had issues on the past of muchers doing multiple entries to the lounge and zaping up all the bandwidth.

All in all it was good, they packaged up the meal really nice and included some forks and napkins in a bag for my flight. Even had self service to go cups for the Peet’s Coffee. Don’t be a sucker and pay for food and coffee out there in the gate area. Let the SCRA waive your $450 annual fee and make AmEx to pay you $2,200 ($200 Airline Credit and $2,000 in flights with the 100k sign up bonus) to get the AmEx Business Platinum so you can eat and drink for free whenever you fly from SAN airport.

I went ahead and ate my preflight meal and drank my free whiskey at the United Club. I went ahead and got in with my United Club Credit card (waived with SCRA since I got it before I joined). However, there is good data points of letting in active duty members with CAC alone. I then had my dinner brought from the Airspace on the plane. Not worth it to use the $10 on boozes if you can get unlimited drinks at the United Club.


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