5% Chase Amazon Rounds Off The Collection

All over r/churning and other tech blogs have announced the 5% cash back card for Amazon Prime Card Holders. Unfortunately for me this is a Chase product subject to the 5/24 rule. I’m thinking about getting this card to finish off my collection as it is exempt from the 5/24 rule (thanks jackgopack4 for the update)! As of today I am at 24/24, that’s 24 cards in a 24 month period. I won’t even try for this card as it would be embarrassing for both myself and the Customer Service Rep when I call to inquire why I was denied (we both know why). Not worth the hard pull on the credit report.

However as I try to spend all of my points in the next couple years I am planning on transitioning into realm of cash back cards. As of now I have the following breakdown:

  • 6% Groceries with the AmEx Blue Cash Preferred card (waved for military)
  • 5% on Amazon on Chase as long as I have prime ($99 a year)!
  • 4% Gas with the CostCo Anywhere Visa by Citi (free with CostCo membership(also free after coupons))
  • 3% Travel and Dining with the CostCo Anywhere Visa by Citi
  • 2.5% USAA Limitless on everything as long as I have DIrect Deposit to USAA of $1000 a month
  • 2% everything else with Gold Luxury card (free if you got it before you joined or got the SCRA before Nov 2016)
  • 2% everything else with Citi Double Cash Back (no annual fee)

USAA has a few products that seem promising, like the Cashback Rewards Plus American Express® Card, but in my cross compare, falls short to the Blue Preferred, except for gas.

This card suggested by Dave looks really good:

Hope that helps for all the non-travelers out there. Whats in your wallet, did I miss any?


9 thoughts on “5% Chase Amazon Rounds Off The Collection

  1. Chris says:

    Got upgraded from the old 3% amazon card to the new 5% card automatically because I already had the old one and also have amazon prime. Can’t complain. The amazon card I have had for years so I wouldn’t close it, and at 5% I think it will be my go to on amazon unless there is some promo or min spend reason to charge something else.

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