AmEx Fee Reimbursement Still On For UA and AA

Be the datapoint you want to see! Best advice I have ever gotten. There is much anticipation for the pioneers of churning to see if AmEx will still go above and beyond to reimburse for a fee they said they would not. Instead of waiting I just went for it! Gift cards and the registry are specifically listed as not reimbursable, however we have for years been able to buy them and the automated system gives us the credit. You can find if it works for United or American on the flyertalk forums.

Happy to report United for PRG still works for the $100!

It also looks good for $200 for United Airlines for the Biz Platinum.


Just got word from American Airlines on Biz Plat. I was hopeful as the charge appears to be taxes, $50 gift card got reimbursed and reader Kevin got two $100 one reimbursed as well. No word on if $150 or $200 gift certificates work, but why push it?

Just keep in mind this loophole most likely will get shut down by the RAT just like it did for MPX. If this becomes the case, DON NOT CALL AND BITCH. Gift cards were always on the exclusion list, and you are just being a nuisance and a Blue Falcon.

Time to get your ass in gear to get all of your fees reimbursed before the loophole gets shut down. Don’t wait till the year is over like you have done every single year!


4 thoughts on “AmEx Fee Reimbursement Still On For UA and AA

  1. Kevin says:

    Worked on American in 2017 as well – my Pers Amex Plat – purchased 2 $100 AA Electronic GC’s (separate transactions, one right after the other), Reimbursed 2 days later.

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      Thanks for the Data Point! I went ahead and updated the article! I also checked and my $50 got reimbursed as well. I am not sure if I should try over $100 since there have been reports that it does not work.


  2. TJ says:

    SW gift cards have been reimbursed in 2017 as well. Did 4x 50$

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