Thank You Kind Reader!

Yay!!!! Someone finally used my referral link! Thank you so much to whomever got the Biz Platinum yesterday using my link! You got me points, and I appreciate it. Hopefully you got the idea to maximize the Biz Plat card from this blog, and instead of trashing the points, you gave some to me. Thanks for the support!

So that means I can stop by bitching about no one using the referral links! The other referral was sent to my wife who opened her own account. Because you have to pick a single airline for the year, I picked United and she picked American Airlines so that we essentially get 50% MR points back for almost all of our travel for this year.

Now I just need a third Biz card for Delta! Just remember you have until the end of January to switch airlines for any of your Platinum Cards. I used the online chat as the website option was locked to United from before. You can also call it in to change, but you only have this time of year to change it. I also made a nice little flow chart of taking advantage of your triple platinum status:

Thanks again for the support!



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