Is Buying AA Gold Status Worth It?

BLUF: The answer is no since you could fly round trip to Phoenix almost 7 times for two passengers for the same amount. If you did this you would only be 2 round trips away from just earning gold yourself using the Chase Ritz Carlton Card $100 bennifit.

The good folks at AA offered me Gold Status (One World Sapphire) for a mere $749. Keep in mind I already have One World Sapphire with AirBerlin topbonus status matching to my United Silver Premier.

Right now I only use my AirBerlin card to get in the short priority line when checking into my American Airlines flights. I usually book these using Avios miles transferred from my AmEx Membership rewards points for short haul domestic flights. This usually locks myself into my non-status BA number. Lots of people have been figuring out work around solutions to try to encode their AA number into the ticket for status. Since I really don’t have any status, and the BA Avios booking gives me instant priority on AA, I never care to change it myself.

Above is a list of what AAdvantage Gold gets you, nothing of note except the 500 mile upgrades and the 40% miles bonus. I guess the preferred seats might be worth getting into, but I already get the free checked bag per military and having the Gold and Silver Aviator AAdvantage card from Citibank and Barclays respectfully. So right off the bat I don’t care to spend the $749 just for a status I don’t need. Here are the requirements for status:

I came across this article suggesting using the Chase Ritz Carlton Visa Infinite $100 discount in order to get status for yourself and another person. I could not find the super discount fares for Boston like they did in the article. Maybe during low season, but I compiled a list of the 4 possible locations to take full advantage of the $100 discount for a couple of tickets. I broke it down by segment:

ORD to City Name Total for 2 Per Segment For Gold For Pt
PHX Phoenix $110.40 $27.60 $828.00 $1,656.00
FNT Flint $112.40 $28.10 $843.00 $1,686.00
BOS Boston $112.40 $28.10 $843.00 $1,686.00
MSP Min/St. Paul $128.40 $32.10 $963.00 $1,926.00

But it’s better off to achieve status by miles, I used to get the numbers:

ORD to City Name Total for 2 PQM # Seg Gold # Seg Pt $ for Gold $ for Pt
PHX Phoenix $110.40 1,440 17.4 34.7 $479.17 $958.33
FNT Flint $112.40 500 50.0 100.0 $1,405.00 $2,810.00
BOS Boston $112.40 867 28.8 57.7 $810.27 $1,620.53
MSP Min/St. Paul $128.40 500 50.0 100.0 $1,605.00 $3,210.00

You can see the screen shots below:

ORD to MSP $32.10 a segment

ORD to BOS for $28.10 per segment

ORD to FNT for $28.10 a segment

ORD to PHX for $27.60 a segment

If you got a lot of time on your hand, you are better off spending the $749 towards flying to Phoenix nine times round trip to get gold status. This would get you and your buddy both AAdvantage Gold for the year for a mere $496.80 a passenger! You will probably get a nice sun tan as well from the iodizing radiation in your 18 segments. Nine round trip flights is doable, but what would you do in Phoenix all that time?

Have you found an amazing fare on the visa infinite site? Let me know in a comment below.


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