Churn Like a Chinese Billionaire

Looks like Chinese billionaires are on the points game too, and why not? With 206.3 Million AmEx points you could redeem it for $4.12 million dollars in airfare using a linked AmEx Business Platnum Card of your selected airline. I stumbled on to this Chinese churning website, and with the help of a native speaking O-5 we learned some new things:

  1. The VPN trick is working for targeted offers for Chicago Market for for AmEx Plat 75k, Blue Cash Everyday $250, Every Day Rewards for 30K. Much like what I described for the PRG, choose Chicago in your Express VPN and incognito mode to get the deal.
  2. Keep your cards active by doing micropayments on each one. One good trick is to buy yourself Amazon gift cards to keep an account alive. My brother just got his account shut down for 10 months of inactivity on the Barclay’s Silver American Airlines Card.
  3. Most of the posts (like mine) come right from r/churning and other peoples blogs, but they are translated to Chinese. They even gave me credit for the weighing of the cards post!

Worth a look even for a new perspective, use Google translate or Chrome to view. You might need a native speaker to get the real translation to make sense.


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