Kyoto’s AmEx Lounge

The Luxury Lounge in NYC announcement to the Japanese market first brings up the culture of elite lounges as a “thing” in Japan. For example the AEON Mall in Okinawa had a lounge for card holders to relax while shopping. Thanks to user jamar030303 on reddit for the gouge regarding another Japanese Lounge open to AmEx Card holders in Kyoto. I am not sure if the American Gajin card holder would be allowed in, but this guy got in, no mention of which country issued the card.

[the lounge is in] Kyoto, Japan. It’s in the middle of a temple, and apparently showing your AmEx card at the temple entrance discounts the admission some, too.

Here is the AmEx page. Here’s some pictures. One cardholder is allowed to bring three guests, here you can see which cards allow you entry. The cheapest US-issued card that will let you in is the Delta Gold, and aside from that, Gold, Business Gold, Plat, Business Plat, and Centurion cardholders are allowed access.

Hope those serving in Japan can take advantage!


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  1. JMR0303 says:

    Adding this here too, from my Reddit comment (with some improvements):

    The temple in question is called Kodai-ji. The Gold AmEx special entrance gets you into Entoku-in, which is what could be called a sub-temple. Part of the grounds, a temple on its own, but not the whole thing.

    Now for the important part: Yes, my AmEx Gold from home worked. You walk up to the AmEx entrance, where you ring for an attendant to come get you. You take off your shoes as you enter, show your AmEx (no swiping), you have to write your name in katakana script in their logbook (so you’ll want to look up the characters beforehand), then you’re allowed into the “lounge”, where you sit down and you’re presented with tea (what tea you get varies with each day- we got kelp tea, which was definitely an acquired taste, and the lady told us it was “special tea, because it’s New Year’s”). Also somewhere along the way your shoes are bagged and put away nearby. After you’re done with the tea, you get a candy, and you’re then allowed to see the rest of that section of the temple for free, and you’re handed your shoes as you leave the tea area/lounge to explore the rest of that temple. Once you head back out, access to the rest of Kodai-ji should be discounted if you show your AmEx card (I don’t know because I just plain forgot about the rest of Kodai-ji at the time and moved on to another temple).

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