Don’t Be A Blue Falcon: Stop Harassing Barclay’s

The Gold Luxury Card was only worth considering when they offered 50,000 points for a measly $1,000 spend. These points could be used for a $1,000 statement credit, essentially paying you $1,200 in total reimbursement to be a mouthpiece for the brand. The point was to get the cards out there to be noticed when people turned their heads as you plopped the metal card down on bottle service at the club or whatever you kids do now.

However, the free money ended months ago, all that was left is the $200 airline credit. The card should have been considered non-churnable and more or less a pointless status symbol. The ludicrous $995 annual fee without any elite status on any hotel or airline partners should immediately be off putting to anyone with any reasonable understanding of what an elite credit card with a high annual fee should do.

The only reason any of us have the card is because of the SCRA waiver, but the recent announcement in cutting SCRA benefits has generated renewed interest and applications for this overpriced shitty card. Why the hell would you get something so bad, knowing that the only benefit of having it was going away?

Please for the love of god, don’t apply for the card because you think you can sweet talk a faceless bank in waiving a $995 fee that they said they would not. Also the fact that they said they would not waive the fee should not be a motivation to get the card to see if you can challenge the fee waiver. Just stop with that kind of logic.

The SCRA rollback for all the Barclay cards have been pretty rough for those that didn’t get in on the action before 28 November 2016. We have had reports from both sides on the issue. One reader names “Stoli” said:

I just got my card in the mail and when I activated it they then told me that they have decided to not waive any of it for military members as of 28 November 2016. Yes, last week while my card was in the mail. I then asked if current members would be grandfathered in and his answer was a very non-commital “they’ll be notified we’ll in advance of any fee changes before they’re due.” I’ll call again tomorrow in hopes that one agent was just being a douche but expecting to have to cancel it immediately and go with the American Express Platinum. Very disappointing.

Where as reader “B” had just gotten it a week earlier and said:

I just confirmed this as well. I received my card in October and sent in orders to get the fees waived, and got a confirmation letter shortly after. After seeing this post I called and they said from now on the benefits would only apply if you received the card prior to going active duty. As for grandfathering in I got the same answer that any changes would be sent in writing if applicable.

Well I got a stern phone call from one of senior officers that have the Gold Luxury Card who reads the blog. He wanted me to pass as part of my JOPA duties to make sure we are not barraging Barclays with nasty phone calls pointing out how “unfair” the situation is. Sorry you didn’t get the waiver, don’t be an asshole, don’t harass a muti-national bank, and potentially cause a rollback of the SCRA for those grandfathered in. Don’t let the FOMO catch up to you, just let it go man, the deal has been dead for months now!

I promised the Commander I would put that message out there. Personally I couldn’t give two shits on how this ends up. If they waive the fee then I use the card, get my 2% cashback and my $200 annual airline fee waiver. I will get some random gaudy gifts in the mail here and there. When the day comes that they start charging the $995 annual fee I will just cancel the card, and  to switch to the no annual fee Citi Double Cashback card for 2% cashback.

The Gold Luxury Card is a novelty that has passed, and it’s nothing to go bitching to Barclays about. So relax, just don’t apply for it, not worth it at all. Plenty of better offers out there anyways!


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