Arrivederci EU: Italy leaves, Brad Wilson Churn Working!


Congrats kids, silver jumped to $17 an ounce due to the Italian Version of Brexit. Which means those that got into silver at the $16.51 are on their way to MSing their $15,000 for AmEx Business Platinum. Remember I theoretically bought 500 American Eagle Silver Dollars at $9,968.69 charged on my AmEx Platinum Business card.


I then should of gotten the first tranche of 50,000 MR points worth $1,000 in travel on Business Pt. I would organically spend $5,000 to get the other 50k MR making $2,000 in travel. I would then sell at the $17 peak today for  $9,410 for the entire box. I would still be down $558.69, but up in the sense of $2,000 in travel using MR points.messages-image4166062190

Still marginally worth it, I guess. I don’t have the balls to do it on such a large scale, but I hope some of you baller, insane readers try it out. Good luck!



By the time I finished writing the post, silver had crashed back down to earth:


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