Confirmed: ORD to HKG for 38,493 MR points


Just two days after booking, I got my 50% of my points back when booking travel with AmEx Travel Services:


All I had to do was choose United as my airline for both the $200 credit and my 50% back on my AmEx Business Platinum Card. Then I just logged into AmEx Travel and checked out paying with points.


This makes my Membership Rewards Points worth 2 cents per point. I got a round trip to HKG for my mom for about a third of the bonus of the AmEx Business Platinum card.  Right now they are offering 100,000 MR points in two tranches. 50k for $5k spend, and then another 50k for $10k more spend. Planning to do the gold old Krugerrand bet to help meet the $15k.

Go ahead and jump on this before the year ends so you can claim your $200 credit!

4 thoughts on “Confirmed: ORD to HKG for 38,493 MR points

  1. Chris says:

    So I haven’t actually seen any data points on amex scra for business cards. They waive the fee on their business cards just like the personal cards?

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