Ritz ATL for $140 a night, Round Trip for two at $172

Well I seem to be on a Ritz Carlton Card Kick because I was tempted to cancel the card this week since they don’t waive the $450 annual fee for Active Duty. But lets break it all down here, right off the bat you get $300 travel credit a calendar year, and on top of that $100 for TSA pre-check. Minus the perks this card becomes $50 a year, but this new benefit of $100 off booking two round trip tickets on their travel portal makes the card a keeper.


Booking the flight ORD to ATL is wide open for cheap flights since its Hub to Hub. You can find 2 round trip tickets for $172.40. That is only $43.10 per segment for Delta Basic Bitch Economy. As far as I understand, I still get a free bag for AD military or with my Delta Reserve Card. $43 is far cheaper and faster then the Amtrak or Mega Bus!


caviar of the south at the ATL Delta Sky Club

Next lounge access is wide open on both ends by flying Delta you have access with your Delta Reserve or AmEx Platinum Card (guest are $29). When you get to ATL you can be a cheap ass and pay $2.50 a ride to take the MARTA gold line to PeachTree Center station and boom you are at the Ritz!


With military ID the room is $140 a night! Unfortunately you won’t be able to use one of your 3 annual upgrade certificates with this rate. The normal rate of $273 applies for a room that is upgradable to the club level room. This is valued at $299 a night for military or $449 at the regular rate. Now with your SPG Gold from AmEx you can now match to Marriott Gold and thus RC Gold for an upgrade on top of that. Not bad for $273 to snag club level access that includes breakfast, light snacks, hors d’ oeuvres, beverages and sweets all day long. But if that’s not your thing the ritz for $150 a night isn’t bad either.



ATL RC Club Level Lounge from the RC site

For the price of a single Hamilton ticket ($322 including the round trip Subway Ride for two) you and a special friend can get a pretty sweet one night get away stay at the Ritz Carlton Atlanta!


3 thoughts on “Ritz ATL for $140 a night, Round Trip for two at $172

  1. Dave says:

    Is the Ritz fee not waived for military at all or just not for those that get the card after entering active duty?

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      None of the chase cards are waived unless you had them before you joined. So if some how you got out, got the card, then rejoined in, then it would be waived. But with the $100 off for 2-5 plane tickets, and the $300 travel waiver you more than make up for the $450 annual fee. Not only that you get 3 nights free at a ritz

      • Dave says:

        Did you ask for SCRA on the Ritz? If so, how exactly did they say no? SM or snail mail? My request is pending and I’m antsy.

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