Visa Infinite Ritz Carlton Card $100 off on any 2 RT Domestic Tickets

Chase has upgraded the Ritz Carlton Card to Visa infinite. This change also comes with a new benefit of $100 off when buying 2 to 5 tickets using the portal charged on this RC card.messages-image360607850

All the Major Airlines: Delta, UA, AA, Jet Blue, Alaska Airlines, and more are all on this portal where you can mix and match airlines for the most excellent deals in domestic travel. We will use a frequent route of ORD to LGA as exmaple. You can essentially fly there for the price of $76 per passenger ($38 a segment). I think this is in line with Mega Bus fares. In this booking I fly out on Delta and come back on United this means you get to hit the Delta lounge on the way out of ORD and the LGA Centurion Lounge on the way back. Even better to mix Delta and AA so you get AA lounge on the way back.

The only catch is you must travel with the card holder and the Delta Flights are booked “Basic (Bitch) Economy” on Delta. As AA and UA add their Basic Bitch fares in 2017 look out for more incredible, but sneaky fares on site.  There is a much better outline on the One Mile At a Time site.

A deeply discounted non-refundable, non-changeable ticket. Not eligible for advance seat assignments, upgrades, or Medallion perks. All Fares exclusive of baggage fees


Since the discount is $100 per booking per authorized user, it makes sense to make every member of your family an AU. They each then can book with a friend. My mom, brother, wife and 3 year old kid are all AU on my account. They can each bring a cousin or friend for a total of $500 off for 10 tickets. Keep in mind this is how they get you:



You get the LCC experience on the same flight as the bourgeoisie. You can’t pick a seat, you might get some miles, and since you are so poor anyways you don’t own any luggage or possessions to speak of to check. However, if you do, then its an astounding $25 a bag. For 2017, United has gone as far as to limit the carry on to just a personal item for under the seat in front of you. Luckily with the branded credit card you will be able to check a bag for Delta and United.

Looks Like Air Choice One counts as a “major airline” when using the Visa Infinite Discount Air portal. This means that you can get $100 off essentially on two round trip tickets that would of cost you $258. Essentially a companion pass, two round trips for 39% off!

messages-image2257965116Even better is that each segment is getting the $100 benefit when booked separately. For example, if you wanted to bring yourself and a friend to STL from ORD. You can take the 5 and a half hour train each way costing both of you $216.

untitledOr you could fly on Air Choice One for 2 hours each way:

messages-image1016034353First you book a round trip for ORD to DEC for $158.10.messages-image3349136814Then book another round trip from DEC to STL for $136.60. Each segment gets $100 off from The Visa Portal for a total of $294.70. You would save $78.70 with the train but spend a lot more time in transit. This new benefit again is not for everyone, but can make the $450 annual fee easier to justify. Now I can’t decide if I want 5x points or a bunch of worthless Marriott/Ritz Carlton/SPG points with $100 off any flight I book.


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