PNC free $400 with Bears Debit Card still on till 31 Dec 2016


Last month I signed up for an offer of $400 for opening a PNC checking account with a $10 annual fee Chicago Bears card. The deal required using the debit card 10 times with a $2,000 direct deposit, so you can get a $400 bonus. I could then downgrade the checking account to a military account with no monthly fee with at least $500 in deposits for checking. Better yet is I could shunt exactly $2,000 using an LES allotment whthout changing my primary direct deposit route.  Unfortunately the deal expired 31 October 2016.


schwag bag from PNC

I had previously mentioned signing up my wife for the account to my banker, but the deadline had passed. Today I went in to PNC and my banker recognized me! He told me the offer was extended until December 31, 2016 and to sign my wife up before the years end. I guess this is to make up for the terrible Bears season.

Thanks to  for providing this scan of the flyer. He is at which is my usual go to place for anything money.


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