Avios for Long Haul Travel


No bonus currently, it was 300 Avios for 250 MR

I have been trying very hard to spend the 250,000 Avios I have been sitting on from my Chase Credit Card offer of 100k as well as my transfer during the bonus season from MR points. I came across some old articles regarding airlines that do not charge fuel surcharges for Avios. These seem to be a bit out dated, so I thought I would have a new data point regarding redemption.

The main reason for this trip is I am trying to get my wife matched to Air Berlin One World Sapphire for her Star Alliance Gold. They have been real bastards about it, and now are requiring:

Customers with residence in the US must prove a booking confirmation incl. booking number of an airberlin long haul flight between US and Europe (return ticket). This flight must be operated by airberlin and take place in 2016.

I asked if they would allow an award flight to fulfill this requirement, I plan on using Avios to book two round trip flights from ORD to Berlin. Currently a non-stop AirBerlin flight from ORD to TXL (Berlin-Tegel Airport) is an absurd $703 a segment:


However with Avios Miles its a nice 25,000 a segment:

berlin-totpBest part is no fuel surcharge with some pretty low taxes of $181.58 for two round trip tickets. So quick the calculation is the 100,000 Avios Points needed only cost me 83,333.33 MR points with the bonus transfer. So $2811.78 – $181.58 = $2630.20 / 83,333.33 MR points means 3.15 cents per AmEx MR point. This is 3 times more than taking the cash back like some lazy bastard would do.

It is true that the 100,000 points would be better used for 13 short haul segments, but how many times can you fly to ORD to CMI (UIUC Willard Airport) like some sort of baller alumnus?


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  1. Andy says:

    Yo dude Air Berlin be offerin like free status right now for signing up fo they FF program. Google it yo!

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