Barclay Gold Luxury Card World Elite MasterCard Switching to Priority Pass Select


Looks like Lounge Club is dead, or at least terminally ill. I had lounge club with the Ritz Carlton Card from Chase and the Gold Luxury card, both have dropped it for Priority Pass.

The Collinson Group contracts with lounges around the world, some independent, and some related to airlines to allow their contracted Credit Card members to access their clubs. All these clubs are open with Priority Pass, but with Lounge Club Cards you are limited to less lounges of the same group. Lounge Club is the stripped down Priority Pass, it’s the Tudor to the Rolex, the Chevy to the Cadillac, the TED to UNITED. Same same but different.

I already have Priority Pass via my AmEx Platinum Cards but they charge $27 per guest for this version. Worse is the Priority Pass that comes with the Hilton HHonors Surpass card, since they charge $27 for the main card holder! However the upside is that you don’t have to have a physical card and can link it to the app to use in some lounges that scan the code on your smart phone.


The lounge at Frankfurt

Now that I am a Chase Sapphire Reserve holder, I get yet another Priority Pass Select. The CSR version of PP allows unlimited guests for free. Next time you travel, find some random non-elite, normie traveler and bring them in to the lounge for free. Unfortunately this version cannot be linked to the app forcing you to carry the card. Make sure you label this card because it is easily mixed up with the version form AmEx Platinum or worst yet, from HHonors Surpass.


The best of both worlds comes with the new Barclay Gold Luxury Card World Elite MasterCard Switching to Priority Pass Select. This one allows free guests along with the compatibility with the app. Now if you find yourself with just the CSR version since you missed out on the equally awesome 50k offer on Barclay they will reimburse two charges on your CSR at a lounge if you don’t have your physical card.

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2 thoughts on “Barclay Gold Luxury Card World Elite MasterCard Switching to Priority Pass Select

  1. rtjb says:

    Totally worth the $995/year now! Kidding, got it waived. Congrats on your CSR

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