The MPX Loophole: Everything is coded as travel for AmEx


The Mileage Plus Explorer App is more relevant than ever now that AmEx Platnum give out 5x MR points on airlines. Many have reported on reddit regarding getting 5x Membership Reward points for everything from Panera Bread to shoes at Nordstrom Rack.


If you haven’t figured out the fine art of credit card merchant coding then you haven’t embraced the full world of churning. For example the Chase Ink card gives out 5x points for office supply stores like OfficeMax or Staples. Why not go to Staples, buy Amazon gift cards with Ink, and then use the gift card to buy toilet paper? The transaction is made at Staples, gets coded as office supply, and then you use the gift card at Amazon. The same thing can be done with MPX linked to AmEx Platinum, (but does not work for you CSR jerks). You can use your AmEx with MPX to fulfill the annual travel credit reimbursement of $200. I have no personal Data points myself if it works, however people here (amex) reported it working, so YMMV. I used the Gold MasterCard from barclaus and it was not coded as an airline. So I know for sure that this trick does not work for the Luxury Card for its $200 a year travel reinbursement, nor does the gift registry trick.

The MPX app its quite easy to use:


Step 1: Consume, I found a nice pair of Italian loafers at Nordstrom Rack. Just open the app and find the deal for the store, in this case 2 United Miles per $1 plus 25% bonus.


Step 2: When you go check out the cashier will give you the total. Enter this total and pick the credit card you want to use.


Step 3: The app will create a gift card the exact amount of the total. The cashier will scan this barcode and the MPX app will charge on the selected card. You then mark as redeemed to keep track of the cards used.


Step 4: Enjoy the loafers and the points. If you put it on you AmEx Platinum then you get 5x points on top of your United Miles from MPX. If you also selected United as your airline for the year then you will get the Statement credit for the charge resulting in free loafers.

Again another benefit of the AmEx Platinum over the CSR. Looks like they will keep this loophole open since everyone wins, The retailer gets business, United gets money to feature the merchant, and AmEx remains relivant in this crazy mixed up world of banks trying to kill each other. Good luck out there.



Update: The charge as of November 9, 2016 shows up coded as an airline for Amazon on MPX for AmEx Platinum!


5 thoughts on “The MPX Loophole: Everything is coded as travel for AmEx

  1. Eddie says:

    Seems like Amazon isn’t a merchant on the UMPX anymore, unfortunately, though I’m sure they’ll be back at some point. Also, I wonder if it has been verified that you do in fact get the 5x travel multiplier when using the Amex Platinum.

    This website seems to think it is unlikely:

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