Hyatt Gold Passport now “World of Hyatt”



Ummm.. im a World of Hyatt Globalist?

If you can be a Platinum member of a Gold Passport which is just confusing as all hell, then no worries, now you have a whole other loyalty program known as World of Hyatt, which is confusingly summed up in the peppy video. Now the tiers will be Discoverist, Explorist, and Globalist instead of the passé references to precious metals and gems like those other uncool, not hip with millennials like MarriottSPG and ConradHiltonWaldorfAstoria.

Pretty much this dude here summed up the new program. They are trying to shoe in a mid high level catagory that is some awful hybrid of diamond and gold, should of called it cubic zircronia or some crap like that.

What this means for me is I am going to really consider dropping my Chase Hyatt card which gave me 2 free nights at Bill Murray’s favorite Hotel outside of Chicago (valued at $850 a night). Unfortunately after March they won’t give me a mid-tier status, but only the lowly Discoverest level. I hope they match my Diamond status with Hilton with the new program, otherwise it’s not worth the annual fee even with the free night.


The only benefit from the lowest tier is faster internet and a freeking bottle of water. No mention if there will be a change in the value of points used for booking a room. For shame Hyatt, this is another reason to get out of the points games, as Hyatt was always a good go to in terms of using up UR points. Gone are good redemption programs like Amtrak which would book you a nice train suite in the same time zone for cheap.

For you Chase Sapphire Reserve jerks out there, hope you get you points soon before the massive inevitable Hyatt devaluations sure to come with any program revamp.


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