ChityBank Costco card: No AUs without membership


Everything that Citi touches turns to Chit. You may all well know that AmEx and Costco broke up after 16 years of marriage and they decided to pair up with a complete deadbeat of a partner, Citibank. Now my distain for Citibank began with my attempt to open a Citigold account which was wrought with server crashes, then they promptly pulled credit card funding. The second straw was a denial of a $400 bonus due to being a authorized signer on an account from a long time ago. This was all notified to me after of course my $15,000 checks cleared into the new account.


$400 to tolerate the ChittyBank experience

Today is what did me in, not even a potential $500 bonus of opening a new checking account ($400 for the account and $100 referral) would ever get me back into a branch. I was told that adding an Authorized user to my Costco account would be no problem at the time of writing that $15,000 check for the checking account. After waiting two weeks for my card to arrive, I called in and they told me that AUs would also need to be members of Costco. I had intended this card to replace my CSP for 3% back on dining and 4% on gas, but now I would have to add members to Costco for everyone to have a card. This would not be worth the additional $55 for two more cards. This is totally bogus, I consider the omission of detail as a form of deception, but these assholes use it as their primary way of marketing.

So $15k locked up in a checking account that has an early termination fee, and countless hours wasted on the phone have made me reconsider this whole checking churning thing. There is a reason they offer $400, because that is the market price to put up with this Chitty service. Citibank should have a new program of “no thank you” points earned by avoiding this place and its services. I would be racking them up left and right!

Good luck out there!



4 thoughts on “ChityBank Costco card: No AUs without membership

  1. jackgopack4 says:

    Bummer man! That really sucks.
    I don’t plan to have a large or long-term relationship with Citi, but just got my first Citi card with the $100 statement plus 30,000 miles AA card so crossing my fingers!

  2. TJ says:

    Sorry to hear about your most recent troubles with them! I too don’t like them, but am getting my 400$ from them (I think). I am pretty sure The AU on the Costco card info isn’t accurate though. I am an AU on my wifes card and I do not have a Costco membership.

  3. TJ says:

    Oh sorry I am mistaken, I am the second person on her Costco membership also.

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