Sour Grapes Make The Best Whine: Why CSR is a bad card for me


Indeed, still pretty jelly of those who got the deal of the quarter which is 100,000 Ultimate Reward points for the Chase Sapphire Reserve. For those of us who have been hitting the offers hard like 100k MR Plat Amex and a 24k gold MasterCard LuxuryCard that came with $1,000 statement credit. Those who made bank this year already most certainly have been permabanned due to the 5/24 rule. If you want to be embarrassed, call chase recon line at 888-270-2127 (after your inevitable denial letter) where they will list out verbally every card you have applied for by any bank for the last 24 months. You can see them just slowly shaking their head when they recite it back to you.



I should not have any qualms about having FOMO. I did pretty well this year racking up well over 430k (100k Avios, 50k Luxury card *2, 100k HHonors points, and 65k * 2 MR points on PRG) just in the signing bonuses alone. I am so points saturated that I even famously declared this was going to be a shift to cashback only! Lets break down on what I am not missing out on by not being able to get the CSR.

Must Spend $300 on flights and travel (not even sure if MPX works)

The $300 annual travel credit would be an additional burden to spend between the $300 from the Ritz Carlton Card, $1,000 from 5 AmEx Platinum cards (2 normie, 2 MB, 1 business, $200 from 2 PRG cards, $400 from 2 Gold Luxury Cards. That’s $1,600 I got to spend in one way or another.

Receive up to $100 application fee credit for Global Entry or TSA Pre®

Well at this point I don’t even know what sucker even pays for global entry. I’m pretty sure you can ask any military churner and you have your application for free. These are the cards I have right now that already give me that benefit:

This benefit counts for all of the AU cards as well so between the three of us we have more global entry reimbursements that we know what to do with. Why would I need one more?

Lounge access with Priority Pass

I already have Priority Pass with all 3 AmEx platinums as well as Chase’s own Ritz Carlton Card. I even have a terrible deal with my Hilton Honors Surpass card. There also have been reports that the Priority Pass on the Chase Sapphire Preferred doesn’t have a digital version, so very basic…


Additionally I get Lounge Club membership with my Delta Reserve as well as my Gold Luxury Card and don’t forget the awesome Centurion Lounges you get with your AmEx Plat. There is no value add here.

Earning UR Points

Now on a pure cashback view the UR points are not the way to go as you can earn a consistent 3% cashback on Zero, if it ever happens. You can get 6% cash back on groceries with the Blue Cash Preferred and 3% Cashback on gas with the same card. The current categories for UR points are as such:

  • Earn 3X points on travel worldwide from airfare and hotels to taxis and trains
    • Already get 3x MR with PRG and 2x with the CSP
  • Earn 3X points on dining at restaurants worldwide from fast casual to fine dining
    • Already get 2x MR on PRG, plus I’m drinking soylent which I get 6% cash back
  • Earn 1 point per $1 spent on all other purchases

Well that is my sour grapes interpretation of why I retroactively didn’t even want the card after being denied twice. There is no doubt that this would be an excellent card to start with for those with an unflagged, untainted credit history. Now it’s apparent that even a super high credit score is not enough to get credit cards, you have to prove your not a churner.

Another nail in the coffin of my points career, been looking at the Citi CostCo card to round out all my cash back categories:

3% Everything on Zero (vaporware?)

2% Currently on everything Gold LuxuryCard MasterCard

4% Gas on CostCo

3% Currently on Blue Cash Preferred

3% Restaurants on CostCo

6% Groceries on Blue Cash Preferred

So I got to catch up in spend of these points before getting any more. Thank Goodness FOR the 5/24, it’s Chase’s intervention so I’m not buried alive in points.



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