AmEx Making a Comeback with AmEx Tier One Charge Card*

*rumor has it on reddit


Davey Nelson has accused me of lazy journalism because all I do is just post stuff I read from reddit and I don’t have a single unique thought in my head. Valid, I have become the drudgereport of churning, On that note, I am happy to report that someone posted on reddit that AmEx has a super Platinum Card (Unubtanium???) coming out to compete with the CSR soon. So all you out there taunting me with your CSR approvals you can just suck it because AmEx always wave fully for all fees for active duty. On the more sold note I called amex and confirmed that I have always been getting 6% cashback on Blue Preferred at the Great Lakes commissary.

great-lakes confirmed

This new card may be my only good news since I was dumped by chase. I was suspecting something was around the corner as I was being sent surveys regarding my how my AmEx platinum compares to other elite credit cards such as Chase Sapphire and Gold Luxury card.


another gold pen for a satified derpreport reader!

Seriously 22kt gold pens for yourself and all your friends go a long way. Take note AmEx, you got a lot of catching up to do! Hope this response to the CSP doesn’t suck. I enjoyed having Hotel elite status with the Amex Platinum but was always disappointed with the lack of  point categories. If they could combine the 6% cashback (in the form of 6x points) of the Blue Cash Preferred with the categories of 3 X points for airfare purchased directly from airlines, 2X points at US restaurants, 2X points at US gas stations of the PRG and then airline elite status of the centurion card. Sprinkle in some gifts every so often, then you can truly crush Chase.

AmEx, I hope you do come out with another metallic card, I would be so happy!


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