Unlock Gold Marriott Status with AmEx Platinum



With your military fee free AmEx Platinum you can now get Hilton Gold (and diamond) , SPG Gold, and Marriott/Ritz-Carlton Gold at least through 2018! Which means you never have to pay for Marriott/Renaissance Breakfast or Hilton Breakfast again!


The merger between SPG and Marriott is complete and now each Marriott/Ritz point is worth 1/3 of a SPG point. Effectively you can use both Ultimate reward via Marriott and Amex Points via SPG to book a hotel room of your dreams! Inevitably¬†everything will get diluted and crappy and each brand will unfortunately become diluted much like the Eurozone where I can’t really tell any of the member nations apart. So spend these SPG points now!

This merger of points programs between SPG and Marriott means elite status matching, not sure exactly what platinum status will get you but more information on reddit here. I’m assuming that you are not a n00b and already got several¬†platinum AmEx cards like any good military churner has.


Since you get Gold SPG with your AmEx Platinum, you now get the Marriott Gold match for free when you link accounts here. I’m just glad I didn’t do any spend on my Ritz Card to try to earn gold after my previous spend of $10k bought me gold into 2017. Besides the room upgrades and the recognition, I value the gold membership in the Marriott and Hilton world for their complementary, otherwise overpriced, breakfasts buffets:


free breakfast, lunch, dinner at Renaissance Riverside Hotel Saigon

free breakfast, dinner at Okinawa Chatan Hilton Resort

free breakfast, dinner at Okinawa Chatan Hilton Resort

giant sausage party at St. Louis Airport Hilton

giant sausage party at St. Louis Airport Hilton


free breakfast and cocktail hour at Rockville Hilton

Never pay for breakfast again! Amex Platinum still has its shine for the elite hotel status! Some thing that not even the Chase Sapphire Reserve can come close to!


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